Or present 2022 spy photos of the commander at Chengdu auto show

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present spy photos commander chengdu

[ Car home   Domestic spy photos ]  recently , We got a set of Gac fick Jeep Commander ( Parameters | inquiry ) Spy photos of domestic road test of models , At the same time, it was reported that , The new car may be on 2021 year 8 month 27 He officially met us at the Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th . As a modified model , The new car will make some adjustments at the design level , meanwhile , The new car is expected to have more intelligent performance .

Friendship tips : I hope enthusiastic netizens can take spy photos of your new car , And send it to our corresponding mailbox :[email protected], I look forward to hearing from you , And become “ Spy ” A member of the .

 Car home

 Car home

We can see from the picture , The surface of the new car is still covered with tight camouflage , However, we still see the changes brought by the new car from some exposed details . First , A new style of black wheel will appear on the new car , It can further improve the overall gas field of the vehicle . And in the rear part , The new car is expected to adjust the outline of the tail lamp group , meanwhile , The internal light source layout may change synchronously .

 Car home

The picture shows the new big commander fuel model

 Car home

The picture shows the new Commander plug-in hybrid model

before , We have obtained the declaration map of new cars , According to the declaration information , The new car will offer a variety of appearance options , Different styles of front grille 、 The rim can meet the different needs of consumers . Body size , The new car long / wide / High respectively 4895/1896/1754mm, It is expected to have strong practicability .

 Car home

We also learned that , The new car is expected to make great efforts in intelligent configuration , With the continuous development of the automobile market , The degree of intelligence has become a very key indicator for consumers when buying cars .

motivation , The new car will continue the development of cash models 2.0T The engine +9 Combination of high-speed manual automatic transmission , among 2.0T The engine adopts high and low power adjustment , The maximum power is respectively 195kW and 172kW, The plug-in hybrid version adopts 2.0T The engine + Combination of motors , The maximum power of the engine is 169kW.( writing / Car home Andy du )

 Or appear at Chengdu auto show 2022 A spy photo of the commander Car home
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