Sliding back design, no false real vehicle exposure of genisis gv60

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sliding design false real vehicle

[ Car home   Overseas spy photos ]  recently , We got a group from overseas media Janice Seth GV60( Parameters | inquiry ) Spy photos of real vehicles without camouflage of pure electric models . New car based E-GMP Electric platform to create , It is positioned as a pure electric crossover vehicle , It's also modern IQNIQ 5 And Kia EV6 GT Sister car , The new car will be launched as an entry-level model of the Guinness Seth brand .

Friendship tips : I hope enthusiastic netizens can take spy photos of your new car , And send it to our corresponding mailbox :[email protected], I look forward to hearing from you , And become “ Spy ” A member of the .

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From the real car spy photos exposed this time , The tail lamp of the new car adopts the classic split lamp group of the Denise family , Sliding back design is adopted for the whole tail shape , A spoiler is also provided at the end of the rear window . The rear surround of the new car adopts a layered design style , Increase the three-dimensional feeling of the tail , The wide body design of the rear fender , Make the new car look very compact .

Besides , The wheel rim of the new car adopts a more complex modeling style , It looks very textured . There are not too many lines on the side of the car body , Flat side and concave waist retraction design under the door , Make the new car have a good static visual effect .

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in addition , Foreign media also exposed a group of interior drawings of new cars ,GV60 A full LCD dashboard will be used , And with a two spoke multi-function steering wheel , The central control multimedia touch screen adopts suspension design , Some physical keys are reserved in the central control aisle , The electronic gear shifting mechanism is a knob type design . What's interesting is that , The multimedia control key in the car looks like a sliding metal sphere , The design is quite interesting , This makes us very much look forward to the use effect of the real car .

motivation , You can refer to IQNIQ 5 and EV6 GT, expect GV60 May be provided in WLTP The standard is about 480 Kilometers of endurance . The new car will certainly provide different standard battery packs , And there are optional rear drive and 4WD versions . Currently from EV6 GT The information obtained on shows , The whole power system of the car can make the new car 0-100km/h The acceleration time reaches 3.5 second .( Spy source :drive; writing / Car home graduation )

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