The fastest spy photos of Ferrari 296 GTB convertible version will be released within this year

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fastest spy photos ferrari gtb

[ Car home   Overseas spy photos ]  It's just ferrari 296 GTB( Parameters | inquiry ) Soon after the model met us , The news of the convertible model surfaced . recently , We got a group of Ferraris from overseas media 296 GTB Spy photos of models , It is reported that , The new car may be named Ferrari 296 GTS Spider, Although the surface of the new car is still covered with tight camouflage , But we can clearly see the traces of the convertible design , It seems that the new car doesn't really want to hide its true identity . At the same time, we also learned that , The new car is expected to arrive as soon as 2021 Officially meet us at the end of the year .

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On the whole , The new car will be used with Ferrari 296 GTB Quite similar design , Have quite strong visual impact . Front part , A sharp headlamp set will not be absent , meanwhile , The interior of the through front grille will be integrated with a fine black honeycomb mesh , It can give the new car a strong sports style . 

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The side of the car , The most striking is undoubtedly the convertible design adopted by the new car , We can clearly see the traces of the convertible mechanism . Besides , A double five spoke sports rim will also appear on the new car , It can make the new car have a more sporty visual feeling . 

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The rear part , The overall design style of the new car is similar to that of Ferrari 296 GTB Keep a high degree of consistency , The narrow tail lamp group adopts a relatively simple light source layout , meanwhile , The exaggerated diffuser at the rear enclosure can further improve the combat attributes of the new car . 

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motivation , It is reported that , New car or Ferrari 296 GTB bring into correspondence with , Equipped with a set of 3.0T V6 Plug in hybrid system composed of twin turbocharged engine and motor , The integrated maximum power of the system will reach 610 kw . meanwhile , Due to the unique body structure of the convertible model , The 100km acceleration of the new car may be better than that of Ferrari 296 GTB A little slower .( Spy source :motor1; writing / Car home Andy du )

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