Toyota released the official picture of the 70th anniversary edition of Rand cooluze

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toyota released official picture 70th

News flash | audi RS 3 Refresh the fastest lap speed of the same level in Newcastle North 】 recently , We learned from overseas media that , New audi RS 3 It has refreshed the fastest lap speed of the same level at the new North track , On this road there is “ Green hell ” On the track , Famous German driver Frank Stippler Driving a new Audi RS 3 Hit a 7 branch 40.748 Second results , It is worth mentioning that , This figure is higher than the previous record 4.64 second , I believe every friend who has track driving experience or pays attention to car racing knows , How high is the gold content behind such a substantial increase . As a replacement model , New audi RS 3 It adopts the latest family design language to create , The whole has stronger visual impact than before . motivation , The new car is equipped with a 2.5T The engine , And have 3.8 The acceleration ability of breaking 100 seconds .

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