Harder core! Expose spy photos of Toyota GR Yaris high performance version

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harder core expose spy photos

[ Car home   Overseas spy photos ]  recently , We got a group of Toyota from overseas media GR YARiS Test spy photos of high-performance models . The appearance of the new car is more radical than that of the ordinary model , Officials are expected to squeeze 1.6T Ultimate performance of engine and 4WD system . It is reported that , After the launch of the new car , Or will be named “GR YARiS Extreme” or “YARiS GRMN”.

Friendship tips : I hope enthusiastic netizens can take spy photos of your new car , And send it to our corresponding mailbox :[email protected], I look forward to hearing from you , And become “ Spy ” A member of the .

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From the spy photos obtained so far , The appearance of the new car has been slightly updated , The front surround will be equipped with curved spoilers on both sides , New ventilation openings have also been added to the front fender design , It looks more fighting , At the same time, it can also increase the downforce of the front axle of the new car .

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 Car home

The side shape of the new car is similar to that of the ordinary version , The front and rear rims are replaced by test rims , There is also a black panel at the rear fender , Are used to collect driving data . Besides , The rear of the new car uses a large spoiler , It is expected that carbon fiber will be used as the roof .

The interior , I didn't shoot , However, it is expected that more hard core bucket seats and special identification may be used compared with the ordinary version . Power system , The new car still uses 1.6T A turbocharged three-cylinder engine , But the power system is expected to be upgraded , The transmission system still matches 6 Speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive system , But the adjustment of 4WD system will be more radical .( Spy source :autoevolution; writing / Car home graduation )

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