Beijing intersection electronic eye upgrade will be punished for failing to yield pedestrians

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beijing intersection electronic eye upgrade

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , We learned from the municipal traffic management bureau that , this city 217 At a crossroads “ Electronic police ” upgrade , About to start recording motor vehicles “ In case of pedestrians passing through the crosswalk without stopping to give way ” Violation of the law , Where the vehicle being photographed , The driver will be punished with 200 Yuan fine , remember 3 branch . It also marks , this city “ Give way to pedestrians at motor vehicle intersections ” Action , It's about to enter “ Real sword and real gun ” The stage of .

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Municipal Traffic Management Bureau 8 month 3 On the evening of the day , In order to strengthen the management of traffic order at intersections , The traffic control department takes the courtesy zebra crossing as the starting point , Strengthen the management and rectification of prominent illegal acts that affect the traffic order and civilized traffic image . While carrying out on-site law enforcement , The police have set up a new batch of traffic technology monitoring equipment , among 217 At the intersection “ Electronic police ” The upgrade adds recordable motor vehicles “ In case of pedestrians passing through the crosswalk without stopping to give way ” The function of traffic violations . These new monitoring devices have been publicized to the public on the website of the Traffic Management Bureau , Start shooting after the expiration of the publicity period .

《 Road traffic safety act 》 Specifically stipulated in , When a motor vehicle passes a crosswalk, it shall slow down ; When a pedestrian is passing a crosswalk, stop and give way . The person in charge of the Legal Affairs Department of the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau explained : Motor vehicles do not give way to pedestrians , It means that motor vehicles pass through the crosswalk , No part of the vehicle body enters the crosswalk area , When a pedestrian who has entered the crosswalk and has not run the red light is about to pass in front of the motor vehicle , The act of giving way without stopping . Typical ones are : One is to forcibly intersperse from the pedestrians passing through the crosswalk , Causing interruption of pedestrian travel ; The second is to force the pedestrians who are passing the crosswalk to stop ; Third, motor vehicles have stopped in the same direction to avoid pedestrians , Still forced passage ; The fourth is to bypass the pedestrians passing through the crosswalk by means of sudden acceleration ; And others that affect or hinder the passage of pedestrians passing through the crosswalk .

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The newly established traffic technology monitoring equipment collects the record data of illegal acts , After verification, it shall be entered into the road traffic violation information management system . It is illegal for a motor vehicle to meet a pedestrian who is passing through a crosswalk without stopping to give way , The traffic control department will punish the violator according to law 200 Yuan fine , remember 3 branch .

The traffic control department said , The crosswalk line is a safety line to guide pedestrians to pass through the road orderly , It is the lifeline to protect pedestrians and reduce accident risk , At the same time, it is also a civilized line that reflects the good image of urban traffic participants , I hope every driver can consciously yield to the zebra crossing , Use law-abiding to ensure safety , Convey civilization with comity , Build and share the Harmonious Transportation of the civilized capital .( Source : Beijing daily ; compile / Car home graduation )

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