Straighten out values Nezha car expels improper speakers

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straighten values nezha car expels

[ Car home   information ] recently , a sheet “ Nezha brand work group ” The screenshots in are circulating on the Internet , The content includes that Wu moufan should be invited as a spokesman to create hot spots and so on , Provoke controversy . Regarding this ,8 month 3 Late at night , Nezha automobile issued a statement through the official microblog , Said he decided to immediately dismiss Peng Gang, the head of the market , All members of the group who make inappropriate remarks are dismissed at the same time !

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And then , Nezha's official microblog issued a statement , The text is as follows :“ According to investigation 8 month 3 Friday night , When discussing content in the brand work group , The relevant remarks made by some individuals of Nezha automobile seriously challenge the social values , Bring about an extremely bad impact , Against the principles and purposes of the company , Now it is decided to immediately dismiss Peng Gang, the person in charge of the market , All members of the group who make inappropriate remarks are dismissed at the same time !”

“ We always believe in , Enterprises should have the right values , Fulfill due social responsibilities , Please supervise ! The company will reflect deeply , Pay close attention to the ideological education of employees , Here it is , Sincerely apologize to the society !”

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meanwhile ,360 The company's official microblog also issued a statement in time , The text is as follows :“360 The group has always advocated positive 、 Abide by the mainstream values of public order and good customs , Resolutely oppose the malicious speculation that there is no bottom line by using negative entertainment events in order to attract attention . As the investor of Nezha automobile , We firmly oppose such malicious speculation , This is a serious violation 360 Adhere to the mainstream values , It also seriously damaged Nezha's brand reputation , In this regard, we insist on firing the team , Ensure that Nezha adheres to mainstream values .”

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But looking back @ Nezha automobile once tweeted that “ Tomorrow's headlines are booked ”, Make this event more complicated . It's common to ask stars to speak , But do the traffic stars who have been determined by law deserve the chance to turn over ? You are welcome to vote below and discuss in the comments area .( picture source Internet ; compile / Car home Guo Chen )

 Straighten out values Nezha dismissed the improper commentators Car home
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