Jingdong Logistics and other leading investors yingche technology completed round B financing

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jingdong logistics leading investors yingche

[ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from the authorities that , Yingche technology, an autonomous truck technology and operation company, announced the completion of 2.7 $ B Round of equity financing . This round of financing is provided by JD logistics 、 Meituan 、 Taimeng investment group (PAG) Joint leading investment , Deppon 、IDG capital 、 Zhaoyin International 、 SDIC investment promotion 、Mirae Asset( Future assets )、 Stone capital (Eight Roads)、 Bohua capital follow-up investment , The original shareholder of PLoS hidden mountain capital 、 Ningde era 、 Weilai capital 、 Zhong Ding capital and others follow the investment .

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Through this round of financing , Winning technology will have its own automated truck driving system “ Xuanyuan ” Further increase investment , At the same time, accelerate the layout in the field of electrification . in fact , since 2019 From the year onwards , Yingche technology and OEM Manufacturers jointly develop mass production models of automatic driving heavy truck , Follow the rigorous vehicle development process , The self driving freight system built by yingche technology has been deeply participated by many shippers and fleets in China .

Ma, founder and CEO of yingche technology � I'm sorry. I'm sorry 8 OK, I'm blind � High trust and long-term support ! We will continue to focus on China's trillion level trunk logistics market , Firmly invest in the self-study of the whole stack of core technology guided by vehicle specification level mass production , We will firmly promote the large-scale implementation and continuous innovation of the self driving freight system . We look forward to working with industry partners to accelerate , Take the lead in realizing the safe and efficient operation of automatic driving heavy truck on real and complex roads , Create value for the logistics industry , Establish a nationwide freight robot network .” ( compile / Car home Xue Lian Zhang )

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