Which car company's cake will Wei Lai eat as a sub brand?

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car company cake wei lai

[ Car home industry ] 7 Wei Lai of the moon , It seems that he lost to ideal and Xiao Peng .

In terms of delivery , Wei Lai Yu 7 It was delivered last month 7931 car , fell 1.9%. It is no longer the monthly sales champion of newly built cars . stay 7 month , Ideal 、 Xiaopeng's sales exceeded 8000 platform , The year-on-year growth exceeded 200%.

This is the true embodiment of the current situation of Weilai . Although I say CEO Li Bin has already made comments ,“ The average selling price of Weilai is 43.47 Thousands of yuan , Than BMW 、 The average selling price of Audi is high .” But there's no denying it , When the competition of the first echelon focuses on “ influence ” Turn into “ sales ” later ,“ Sales are king ” The argument of is popular again .

Wei Lai is in urgent need of change .

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Generally speaking , Luxury brands need a model or sub brand that can walk a lot , To capture a wider market . Looking at the development of automobile brands at home and abroad , This method has been verified by many brands .

In the past , Wei Lai has also made his own attempt . GAC Weilai who cooperates with GAC , Launch co creation 007 After the market reaction was flat , There was silence in GAC ; Chang'an Weilai who cooperates with Chang'an , I haven't had time to launch a new model yet , Wei Lai reduced his shareholding to less than 5%……

The utilization of a series of existing resources has encountered setbacks , How to go next ?“ Set up your own sub brand ” It has become Wei Lai's best policy .

7 month 30 Japan , There is news that , front WeWork AI Tiecheng, general manager of Greater China, has joined Weilai , Vice president of strategic new business , Directly to Wei CEO Li Bin reports . It was revealed that ,“ AI Tiecheng's new business in Weilai is a sub brand ”, The price of sub brand models is about 15-20 Ten thousand yuan between .

Set up a sub brand , It's not Li Bin's whim . Previously, Ma Lin, public relations director of Weilai, said , Weilai brand positioning high-end , Will not enter the following high-end markets , The new brand will be launched by Wei Lai , But it won't be a low-end product line .

High end is the root of Weilai's success , But Wei Lai is also faced with the problem of volume . How to break through in trade-offs ? Wei Lai's answer gradually became clear .

The problem of high-end Weilai's travel volume

A few stories prove it , The owner of Weilai was “ Used to heaven ”.

A Weilai car owner posted on the forum and wanted to go to Inner Mongolia for self driving , Wei Lai appointed two power supply specialists , From Beijing and Liaoning, we fly to the roadside and wait , Just to recharge the owner ; A Weilai car owner said , own “ Maiwei hasn't touched the charging gun for two years ”, I've been using one key to replenish energy ; There is also a Weilai car owner , After buying the car, he was pulled into the exclusive service group , In addition to the owner himself , The rest of the 11 Everyone is a specialist who serves him ……

The present Wei Lai , Have incomparable advantages over other brands , This is the word-of-mouth for years . Among the many new forces making cars , Weilai has the highest loyalty of car owners .2019 year , Some Weilai car owners spontaneously advertise for Weilai . During the epidemic , More than 60% of the orders come from the recommendation of old car owners .2021 Beginning of the year , The owner of Weilai Shenzhen chartered a plane to Chengdu at his own expense NIO DAY.

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How to do user service well ? Wei Lai adopted “ Simple and crude ” But effective way ―― Smash money . 2020 year , Wei to CEO Li Bin once revealed in an interview that ,“ No worries about service 1.0 Without calculating the labor cost of Weilai's own service department and the investment of mobile service vehicles , A single worry free user using the service , Wei will lose money in a year 4000 element .”

“ If the user base is small , Can bear , If the user base is large , It's really unsustainable .” Serving users 、 Building a high-end image requires high investment , This road is composed of user services “ The moat ”, Since Weilai consolidates its high-end advantages , But at the same time , It is also a shackle to the further development of Weilai .

By 2021 year 7 month 31 Japan ,ES8、ES6 and EC6 The cumulative delivery volume of 125528 car . With the increase of car owners , The user service team cannot expand indefinitely , But take competitors as an example , tesla 、 Xiao peng 、 Ideally, there is no such large-scale user service team , You can walk freely .

 Wei to Wei to EC6 2020 paragraph 440KM Performance Edition

『 Wei to EC6』

In the previous communication , Tao Lin, global vice president of Tesla, once said to auto home , Weilai service mode “ No threshold ”――“ Just throw money into , Can bring service improvement 、 Customer satisfaction , Low technical difficulty .”

Tao Lin thinks , Every car company has the priority of resource investment . For example, Tesla gives priority to technology research and development , And Wei Lai gives priority to service , These cannot form an insurmountable moat . Li Xiang, founder of ideal automobile, thinks ,“ For the new forces , It's important to make good use of every penny .”

Play determines the upper limit . If Weilai brand “ Service is shrinking ” To launch low-end models at the cost of , In exchange for quantity , For Weilai's brand power and old car owner experience , It's all a kind of injury . The present Wei Lai , Maybe I can only do “ Small and beautiful ” The brand of .

2021 year 1 Weilai used car business press conference in June , Li Bin said ,“ Will not enter the mass market in the near future , In terms of possibility, there must be , The long term is to enter the mass market in a more positive way .”

Wei Lai really wants to walk , Tesla has ready-made experience for reference .

 tesla ( import ) Roadster 2008 paragraph Basic type

『 tesla Roadster』

Tesla's “ From top to bottom ”, Is to launch the sports car first Roadster, Through the extreme performance and sufficient scientific and technological level , Establish a brand height , Subsequently passed Model X/S Gradually enter the market , Then launch Volkswagen models Model 3/Y, These models will have Tesla logo .

Tesla's sales structure performance , It means that this strategy has been successful .2021 year 6 month ,Model 3 sales 21532 car ,Model Y sales 11623 car , These two models are the absolute mainstream of Tesla sales .

Before that , Copy Tesla route to help Wei Lai succeed , But when the problem of walking volume approaches , Wei Lai is due to “ Service properties ” Can't shrink , Can only give up learning from Tesla , Out of the “ Sub brand ” The way .

Be a sub brand Wei Lai is very necessary

Before coming to Wei Lai , AI Tiecheng is a joint office space WeWork General manager of Greater China . He once served as vice president of the marketing department of Shanghai Disneyland Resort , Responsible for managing the marketing department 、 Consumer insight 、 Digital marketing and radio and television production team .

For joint office space , AI Tiecheng needs to consider not only the station , There are also various services , Such as office access management 、 The tea 、 Network, etc. . So in terms of user service , AI Tiecheng has certain operation experience . And from the perspective of Wei Lai , AI Tiecheng is a good friend of Qin Lihong, President of Weilai , Weilai, too ES8 Original owner , Have a certain understanding of Weilai brand .

With the main person in charge in place , Weilai's sub brand strategy began to accelerate . Weilai's sub brand will focus on “15-20 ten thousand ” The price is , This is the same as the current Weilai average 42 The price difference of 10000 yuan is nearly double , There is enough separation between the two brands . It will not prevent Weilai from launching cheaper models , It won't delay the sub brand to attack .

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“ I think Wei Lai launched a sub brand , preemption 20 A range of about 10000 yuan , It's absolutely right .” Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the Federation, said . The current Chinese electric vehicle market , In a way “ Big on both ends , The middle is small ” The state of .10 Within 10000 and 30 The sales volume of electric vehicles with more than 10000 yuan is higher , The sub brand aims at 15-20 Million electric vehicle consumer market , Is to be developed “ Virgin land ”.

Since no car enterprise can take the lead in getting the favor of the market , Then opportunity is equal to everyone . The Chinese market has proved , Who first seizes the user's mind in the blank Market , Who can easily win the next competition . But if you slow down in the market , Then catch up with the competition , The difficulty will continue to increase .

If you can enter this market , Sub brands are expected to open the scale effect , Thus, we can share all kinds of costs in the R & D and production process of Weilai , Further improve profitability . After all , At present, although the revenue of Weilai keeps rising , But the overall operation is still at a loss .2021 year Q1 In the earnings report , Weilai's operating loss is 2.96 One hundred million yuan .

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Launch sub brands , It is also the result that the capital market is happy to see . In the current mode , The market has given Wei Lai 751 Market value of US $100 million . If you launch a sub brand , Open a new market , Then the development prospect of Weilai will have more imagination .

without doubt , At present, the destination of Weilai's sub brand has gradually become clear , Focus on the potential consumer market , At the same time, share the cost for Weilai's main brand , Improve profitability .

There are many benefits to launching a sub brand , And Wei Lai has obvious advantages in taking this step . In the electric vehicle market , Weilai has a certain brand reputation and user stickiness . Compared with some new car brands , Weilai also has a relatively good maturity in technology , These are powerful endorsements of sub brands .

“ Weilai's models are now quite large , In the future, some small and medium-sized cars will be launched to seize the market , So Weilai launched another brand , Positioning mainstream brands , In this way, the overall sales volume of Weilai will increase , It will help a lot .” Cui Dong tree said .

One “ crocodile ” About to enter “ pond ”, Who will bear the brunt ?

Who is impacted by the sub brand ?

Xiao peng 、 Weima and second tier new car brands , Long term immersion in this market .

In Xiaopeng brand ,P7 It is the most popular model of the brand , This year, 7 The monthly delivery is up to 6054 car , Of total deliveries 75%. Another model Xiaopeng G3 Single month delivery 1986 car ,P7 And G3 All in 15-25 Within the ten thousand price range , This is the market that Weilai sub brand will enter .

meanwhile , Models of Weima, Zero run and other brands , The price is more in 15-20 Between ten thousand . so to speak , With the addition of Weilai sub brand , All models in this range may be under certain pressure . And the main impact , Maybe a new energy model belonging to a joint venture brand traditional car enterprise , For example, the price 19.99-27.99 Million people ID.4 etc. .

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In intelligent Internet connection 、 Autonomous driving and so on , The accumulation of these vehicles is far less than that of Weilai . The era of electrification , The advantages of joint ventures are gradually diminishing .

However , The mantis catches the cicada, the Yellow finch is behind . stay 20 Wan range , No electric car can bypass Tesla . After another price reduction , tesla Model 3 More competitive . Less than 24 The price from 10000 , Enough to turn swing users to Tesla .“ Now let's look at , Tesla's products are particularly outstanding in the mainstream market , So in this market , Weilai sub brand will face greater competitive pressure .” Cui Dong tree said .

The present Wei Lai , Maybe it's one of China's new energy vehicle brands , The most successful brand in the high-end route . But below the high end , Seize the market and take the volume , It is also a problem that Wei Lai urgently needs to face . The current situation prompted Li Bin to make a decision to seek change . Although there is no “ Pre heating ”, either “ Welcome ceremony ”, But the sub brand is already on the line , Draw your bow .

He Xiaopeng, founder of Xiaopeng automobile, once said ,2023-2025 The year is the window period for new energy vehicles , If you miss , It will be even more difficult to catch up later .

meanwhile , Tesla's cheap models are on the road . Perhaps soon after , We will see Tesla with a price of only more than 100000 yuan . There are interceptors in front and pursuers behind , Sub brands need to seize the opportunity . Once you can't grasp time , Will be harvested by Tesla in turn .

Li Bin often says ,“ Make friends with time , Moving forward in the mud ”. But time , It is also the of all intelligent electric vehicle companies “ The enemy ”.( writing / Car home Cheng Gong )

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