Inventory in mid-2021: China's leading auto enterprises break through upward

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inventory mid-2021 china leading auto

[ Car home   information ]  2021 Half of the year is over , Various car companies have handed over their sales reports in the first half of the year . data display , Domestic new car consumption continued to recover in the first half of the year , In the first half of the year, the sales volume of the first insurance was realized 1055.1 Thousands of cars , Cumulative year-on-year growth 32.79%. Among them, the sales volume of Chinese brand new cars 388.2 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 47.39%, Create the highest brand in various countries . And the growth rate is ahead of the overall auto market 15 percentage ; The market share also increased from the same period last year 33.14% Up to 36.79%, The Chinese brand 、 Chinese auto companies continue to rise “ Sally ”.

This upward trend is not only an increase in sales , But also “ Brand up ” Transformation and upgrading of . In the car market as a whole into the stock era 、 Under the background of strong overseas brands occupying the consumer mind , Chinese brand cars, whether in terms of quantity growth or quality breakthrough , It's getting harder and harder . Well, in the first half of this year , What are the achievements of Chinese passenger cars on the road of breakthrough ? Car home 《2021 Mid year inventory 》 The first issue of China brand series will soon reveal the answer .

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Two points

1、 The inventory of this series adopts the data of traffic compulsory insurance , It represents real terminal consumption , Unlike wholesale sales , The sales volume of Shanghai insurance has no inventory “ moisture ”, a “ dried food ”.

2、 Inventory of Chinese brands , We started from the car company / From the perspective of the group . Because car companies are practitioners of transformation and upgrading , Launch a new brand beyond the original brand to break through , It is also a common practice of Chinese auto enterprises in recent years , Therefore, from the perspective of auto enterprises, it is more conducive to panoramic display of the advanced road of Chinese brands .

■ Carry all before one , The overall performance of Chinese brands in the first half of the year

In the overall market ,2021 Sales of Chinese brand cars in the first half of the year 3881559 car , And 2020 First half of the year 2633442 Compared with , Year-on-year growth 47.39%, The increase is much higher than that of German (+29.67%)、 Japanese (+20.21%)、 U.S. (+40.06%)、 Korean line (-8.92%) The performance of the . Among them, Chinese brands 、 American brands rose strongly , The decline of Korean cars is further highlighted . If we say that the growth power of American cars mainly comes from Tesla 、 Cadillac and Lincoln , So the of Chinese brands “ highlights ” Where are from ? We will expand in detail later .

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In terms of the proportion of the whole market , end 2021 In the first half of , The sales volume of Chinese brands in the whole automobile market accounts for 36.79%, Same period as last year 33.14% Compared with 3.65%, Prove the power of Chinese brand products 、 The market share has increased significantly . By contrast , The proportion of sales in Germany, Japan, the United States and South Korea declined or increased slightly , For example, the market share of German brands in the first half of the year was 25.83%(-0.62%), The Japanese brand is 22.24%(-2.32%), The American brand is 9.5%(+0.49), Korean brand is 2.73%(-1.25%).

■ The Chinese brand : Which market segments are most competitive ?

First half of this year , Sales volume of Chinese brand cars 、 The market share has increased , So which market segments have more advantages in terms of market share and trend ?

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Statistics are visible , As of the first half of this year , The best proportion of Chinese brand sales is compact SUV, The share has reached 36%, The second is the compact car 、 medium SUV、 small SUV, And from the trend , These shares also increased significantly , Compact type SUV Year-on-year growth 39.24%, Compact cars 35.98%, medium SUV growth 48.8%.

Besides , There are two noteworthy features in the above data of Chinese brand segmentation . The first is the , First half of this year , Chinese brand medium-sized car 、 medium SUV It's a big increase , The growth rate has exceeded that of compact SUV And compact cars , It means , Chinese brand medium-sized car market is rising rapidly , Not only the market potential is huge , And competitive 、 Brand power is also improving .

The second feature is the year-on-year rise of minicars . As can be seen from the chart , Sales of mini cars in the first half of this year 312561 car , Year-on-year growth 542.34%, In the corresponding market segments, the proportion has reached 99.64%, Have an absolute dominant position . Yes, of course , Largely thanks to Wuling Hongguang MINIEV Wait for the hot sale of the little god car .

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After looking at the structure of the market segment , We set our sights on the list of popular cars . First half of this year , Sales in Chinese brands TOP 20 The model of has been clearly presented in front of us . You can see , The harvard H6、 Agatsuma MINIEV、 changan CS75 PLUS( Parameters | inquiry )、 Wuling Hongguang and other models have sold more than 10 Thousands of cars , It's a real hot car .

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From the perspective of auto enterprises ,2021 Sales in the first half of the year TOP 10 The Chinese car companies are : Changan automobile 、 Geely 、 SAIC GM Wuling 、 Great Wall motor 、 SAIC passenger car 、 Chery car 、 BYD 、 GAC group 、 FAW Group 、 Dongfeng Xiaokang . As you can see from the picture above , this 10 The sales volume of all car companies have increased by double digits , In the first half of this year “ A good harvest ”. It is worth mentioning that ,Top 10 The total sales volume of car enterprises in the first half of the year was 343.4 Thousands of cars , Accounting for% of the sales of all Chinese brand passenger cars in the same period 88.5%, The performance of these auto companies has also become the focus of China's auto market “ The barometer ”.

■ To Chang'an / geely / Wuling / The Great Wall as an example , Comments on the performance of head car enterprises in the first half of the year

below , We analyze the performance of Chinese brands in the first half of the year from the perspective of specific automobile enterprises . We chose 4 A car company , The total sales volume of Chinese brand cars under the four car companies in the first half of the year was 228.1 Thousands of cars , Accounting for% of the sales of all Chinese brand passenger cars in the same period 58.8%, is “ half ”, They are Chang'an automobile 、 Geely 、 SAIC GM Wuling 、 Great Wall motor .

One 、 Changan automobile

Changan Automobile's achievements in the first half of this year are very bright , data display , Changan Automobile's independent passenger cars 1-6 Cumulative monthly sales volume 613234 car , Year-on-year growth 66.38%. Among them, Chang'an is in 2021 In the first half of the year, the sales volume reached 475614 platform , Year-on-year growth 64.39%, This promotion is also inseparable from its CS75 PULS And so on .

Changan automobile
brand 2020 Sales in the first half of the year 2021 Sales in the first half of the year Year on year change
changan 289328 475614 64.39%
Chang'an Auchan 63478 118599 86.83%
Changan Kaicheng 15764 19021 20.66%

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It can be seen from the figure above , sales TOP 3 The models are Chang'an CS75 PLUS、 Escape series and Chang'an CS55 PLUS. Three of the top five models are PULS series , Each model has its own characteristics , It can correspond to different market needs . And Chang'an UNI-T Also has the 45318 Taiwan's sales performance , With the rejuvenation of the market , The future is similar UNI-T This kind of personalization 、 Younger models will be loved by more consumers .

 Changan automobile changan CS75 PLUS 2021 paragraph 2.0T Automatic flagship

『 changan CS75 PLUS』

You can see , changan CS75 PLUS The heat continues online , It has become a domestic compact SUV“ Only two ” Your hot car ( The other is Harvard H6), Its sales in the first half of the year 150943 car , Year-on-year growth 46.29%, Both the base and growth potential are huge . Yidong series has also maintained consistent good results , Sales in the first half of this year 92700 car , Year-on-year growth 48.51%; This achievement makes it ranked No. 1 in the domestic compact car list 9 position , It's the only way in Top 10 List of Chinese brand cars .

 Changan automobile changan UNI-T 2021 paragraph 1.5T Sports section Flagship

『 changan UNI-T』

Besides , changan UNI-T、UNI-K Also on the list , especially UNI-T Sales in the first half of the year 45318 car , Year-on-year growth 522.16%. As a new upward sequence of Chang'an Automobile Brand ,UNI At present, the series is quite successful , Sales to Chang'an 、 Brand promotion has helped .

Brand up , Changan Automobile has mentioned many words in recent years , It is also the direction of its positive layout . And in the first half of this year , The high-end layout of Chang'an has a clearer action : In this year's 5 month 20 Japan , Chang'an announced that Chang'an Weilai was renamed avita Technology , future , Avita technology will gather Changan Automobile 、 Huawei and Ningde times tripartite resources , Jointly build high-end intelligent electric vehicles , And will develop independently 、 Independent market-oriented operation . And in the second half of this year , We also look forward to more product information release from avita Technology .

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Sales growth 、 The optimization of product structure also drives the continuous improvement of profitability , According to the... Issued by Chang'an automobile 2021 Semi annual performance forecast , It is estimated that the net profit after deducting non recurring profits and losses in the first half of the year is 6-9 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 122.93%�C134.39%. With the further rise of independent plates , Company sales 、 Profitability will also have more room for growth .

Two 、 Geely

Geely's performance in the first half of the year is also commendable . data display , Geely Auto's independent sector 1-6 In sales 606425 car , Year-on-year growth 22.92%. among , Geely car sales 492467 car , Year-on-year growth 14.61%; Link car sales 106817 car , Year-on-year growth 73.11%; Geometry car sales 7181 car , Year-on-year growth 266.75%.

brand 2020 Sales in the first half of the year 2021 Sales in the first half of the year Year on year change Brand share
Geely 429703 492467 14.61% 81.20%
Led the g 61706 106817 73.11% 17.61%
Geometry car 1958 7181 266.75% 1.18%

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As can be seen from the above figure , Geely, the more 、 The sales of two models of imperial cars are leading , Become an important force in Geely's independent plate sales , Among them, Bo Yue ranked among the domestic compact enterprises in the first half of the year SUV No 7 position , Strength cannot be underestimated . From the year-on-year change ,TOP 7 In the first half of the year, the sales volume of vehicle series achieved positive year-on-year growth , In particular, Binrui increased year-on-year 51.76%, But the vision S1、 Vision and Imperial GS In the first half of the year, sales fell significantly year-on-year , The year-on-year figures are respectively -29.25%、-20.24%、-24.28%.

 Led the g Led the g 03 2022 paragraph 03+ 2.0TD Auto control version

『 Led the g 03+』

Besides , The rapid growth of Lingke brand also helps to improve the performance of Geely's independent sector , Among them, Lingke 03 Sales in the first half of the year 37590 car , Year-on-year growth 24.97%. This year, 7 month 11 Japan , New collar 02、 Led the g 03 And link 03+ list , Three new cars have been launched at the same time , It will drive the further growth of Lingke's sales . Besides , Led the g 05+ It will also be officially listed within this year , The estimated selling price of the top configuration is 26-28 Ten thousand yuan .

 Polar krypton Polar krypton 001 2021 paragraph Super long endurance dual motor YOU edition

『 Polar krypton 001』

One of the biggest moves of Geely in the first half of this year , It should be the launch of the krypton brand . First half of this year , Geely krypton brand from its birth to the launch of the first new car , It took just 3 More than months , Become a Chinese auto enterprise “ Rush high ” The potential dark horse . The chairman of krypton is Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group , An Conghui, President of Geely Holding Group, is appointed as the new company CEO, We can see the importance .

The first model of krypton brand ―― Polar krypton 001 Positioning medium and large pure electric vehicles , Price range: 28.1-36 Ten thousand yuan . According to the official news , Polar krypton 001 Will this year 10 Delivery starts in January . In terms of model positioning and selling price , This car has few direct competitors in the market , Direct at Ford's flagship products Mustang Mach-E And Tesla Model 3. And krypton 001 Delivery and promotion of , It will undoubtedly become the strategic focus of Geely in the second half of the year .

3、 ... and 、 SAIC GM Wuling

SAIC GM Wuling's performance in the first half of the year was very eye-catching , data display , SAIC GM Wuling's independent plate 1-6 In sales 566706 car , Year-on-year growth 43.7%. among , Wuling Automobile sales 213109 car , Year-on-year growth 98.83%; Baojun brand sales 181272 car , Compared with the lower 21.12%. Wuling Automobile has a year-on-year change 98.83% The growth of , This is almost thanks to Hongguang MINIEV The launch of the model .

SAIC GM Wuling
brand 2020 Sales in the first half of the year 2021 Sales in the first half of the year Year on year change
Wuling Automobile 213109 423717 98.83%
baojun 181272 142989 -21.12%

Although from the perspective of ownership structure , SAIC GM Wuling is a joint venture vehicle enterprise , however “ What the people need , What Wuling makes ” SAIC GM Wuling , It is composed of Wuling and Baojun , But they are all pure Chinese brands , Therefore, we still put it in the sequence of Chinese auto enterprises .

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From the perspective of single car , Visible from above , Agatsuma MINIEV Far ahead , Its sales volume has greatly exceeded that of “ God car ” Wuling macro light , Become the backbone of SAIC GM Wuling . Wuling Hongguang still maintains its sales advantage , In terms of sales volume 10 ten thousand + The data maintained the second ; And the fourth Wuling Kaijie has just been launched “ Big four ” household MVP models , It has the advantages of large space, practicality and low price , Also let it get good results . Although the sales volume of Baojun's models has a negative growth, there is more , But it can also be regarded as adding bricks to the whole plate of SAIC GM Wuling .

From the year-on-year change ,TOP 10 The sales volume of car series within increased and decreased in the first half of the year , But most of the positive growth is Wuling's products , Most of the sales of Baojun's models have negative growth , And the decline is more obvious , For example, Baojun 510、 baojun 730 The year-on-year changes are -36.45% as well as -14.20%.

 SAIC GM Wuling Agatsuma MINIEV 2021 paragraph Macarone's enjoyment Lithium iron phosphate

『 Agatsuma MINIEV』

From the overall performance , The most prominent Hongguang MINIEV The model has not only stabilized the air outlet of micro electric vehicles , It's Wuling “ What the people need , What Wuling makes ” The slogans of . And on this basis , Also through offline exhibitions 、 Personality modification 、 Product Co branding and other operations to improve their popularity , Let more consumers know the positioning and significance of this model . at present , Agatsuma MINIEV The type of car on sale is 10 paragraph , Contains different battery versions , The price is 2.88-4.36 Ten thousand yuan , Plus, the shape is small and cute , Precise positioning and use , stay 2021 In the first half of the year, the sales volume reached 156940 It's not surprising that Taiwan .

 SAIC GM Wuling baojun 510 2021 paragraph 1.5L CVT Premium

『 baojun 510』

future , Wuling will continue to deepen “ What the people need . What Wuling makes ” Idea , Launch more products , These products include but are not limited to people's clothes 、 food 、 That's ok , We also believe that such a brand for the sake of the people can go farther and farther in China . And Baojun brand , stay 2021 The first half of the year experienced a new / The combination of Lao Baojun , But there are not many signs of growth in sales , In addition, after the name system is merged , Brand awareness has not improved much .

however , Baojun automobile has a heavy task and a long way to go , Is to export overseas . For example, its global strategic model Baojun 510、530 etc. , Mainly exported to South America , In the future, it will enter Mexico 、 Middle East and other countries and regions . The two brands perform different tasks , It can also be regarded as a big chess game played by SAIC GM Wuling in the world .

Four 、 Great Wall motor

Great Wall motor 2021 The sales performance in the first half of the year was also good , At present, it has four Chinese brands , They are Harvard 、 Euler 、WEY And the newly independent tank brand . data display , Great Wall Motor's independent passenger cars 1-6 Cumulative monthly sales volume 494652 car , Year-on-year growth 57.98%. Among them, haver 、 Euler 、WEY、 The tank is 2021 The sales volume in the first half of the year was 380107 platform 、52883 platform 、30013 platform 、31647 platform ; What's interesting is that , The sales volume of the tank brand that has just become independent has exceeded WEY, The proportion of brands is also much higher than WEY.

Great Wall motor
brand 2020 Sales in the first half of the year 2021 Sales in the first half of the year Year on year change Brand share
The harvard 273217 380107 39.12% 76.84%
Euler 10665 52883 395.86% 10.69%
tanks - 31647 - 6.40%
WEY 29228 30013 2.69% 6.07%

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It should be noted that , Although the pickup restriction policy in many places has been relaxed , However, pickup trucks have not been fully equal to passenger cars , Therefore, the analysis of the Great Wall is not included in the analysis of the Great Wall 、 Fengjun and other brands .

It can be seen from the above figure , sales TOP 3 The models are Harvard H6、 The harvard M6、 Harvard big dog . The specific term , The harvard H6 Still the sales leader , A total of... Were sold in the first half of the year 179597 platform , Year-on-year growth 59.20% The results make it firmly in the first place . In recent years, the highly controversial Haval big dog model also has a good sales performance , With its outstanding model name and very flattering design , It has also won the favor of many consumers , In the first half of the year 43144 The sales volume of Taiwan is enough to show that this car has achieved the ultimate in marketing , It is worthy of ranking third in its own model .

Besides , Euler black cat under the new energy brand Euler and the hardline off-road model tank that attracts the most attention 300, They also have good sales performance , Respectively 33604 And 31647 platform , Ranked fifth and sixth respectively . and WEY Two main models of the brand VV6 And VV5 The sales volume is 14206 Taiwan and Taiwan 9127 platform , Ranked eighth and tenth .

In this light , The tank brand is successful , and WEY The brand seems to have more than enough heart and less strength ; Euler as a new energy brand , It's also booming , And Harvard is still maintaining its good development momentum .

 Great Wall motor tanks 300 2021 paragraph Off road version 2.0T conqueror

『 tanks 300』

Sum up , tanks 300 Your performance was really unexpected , There are so many orders that we need “ Stop receiving orders ”, Capacity in short supply ; Even if the model positioning “ Hardcore cross-country ” This small group , But tanks 300 It has been recognized by the market and consumers with good cost performance advantages , Models currently on sale 5 paragraph , Price range: 19.58-23.00 Ten thousand yuan . If there is more support for future production capacity , I believe that the sales volume of this model can go to a higher level .

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『 Hive energy 』

 Car home

『 Hive is easy to create 』

Looking at the overall industrial layout of Great Wall Motors , In fact, a magical enterprise under the Great Wall ―― The hive is the most noteworthy . We can regard the beehive as a main engine factory with the volume of the Great Wall to Ningde times 、 A heavy blow from strong suppliers such as Aisin , Expressing the Great Wall “ The key technology is in your own hands ” The determination of . For now ,“ hive ” The company has two , One family is “ Hive energy ”, Its predecessor was the power battery business department of Great Wall Motors ,2018 Independent into a new company , Focus on new energy vehicle power battery technology . The other is called “ Hive is easy to create ”, Founded on 2018 year , Main engine 、 transmission 、 Electric drive system 、 Turn to products in other fields . With such a huge industrial chain and supply chain , I believe Great Wall Motors has great prospects in the future .

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in general , First half of this year , Chinese car companies are particularly busy and full , new 、 New product planning 、 New marketing initiatives continue to be implemented , And achieved good sales results . more importantly , Chinese car enterprises are in high-end 、 Brand upward has more specific practice , A decisive and crucial step has been taken . Although there are many doubts and pressures in the short term , But in the long run , This is the only way for the sustainable development of Chinese auto enterprises .( writing / Car home Cai Liyuan 、 graduation )

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