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add body colors latest news

[ Car home New energy ]  recently , Hechuang automobile released Co creation Z03( Parameters | inquiry ) The latest news of , Will provide... For new cars 7 Choice of body colors , There are silver 、 green 、 Blue 、 white 、 violet 、 black 、 Red . meanwhile , He Chuang also opened an interactive collection , Solicit body color naming from the majority of netizens .

 He Chuang Automobile Co., Ltd Co creation Z03 2021 paragraph Trial assembly version

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Co creation Z03 Positioned in compact pure electric SUV, The range exceeds 600 km . It has opened blind subscription before , The price of the main selling version is 13-15 ten thousand . Co creation Z03 Is in 2021 At the Shanghai auto show in , At that time, it was a joint brand and EDG Jointly developed models ,“EDG”(EDward Gaming) That is, a domestic E-sports Club , He Chuang's move is mainly aimed at Z Generations of users create smart trendy cool new generation of smart cars . The new car that appeared at that time had a strong E-sports style , Now the car has faded , Provides 7 Body colors , It means that the car will aim at young people 、 Fashion generation consumers .

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Power system , There is not much news about the new car at present , According to the official introduction , The range exceeds 600 km , This is also comparable to the range level of the mainstream pure electric vehicle , Meet daily travel needs . More information about the car , We will also report for you as soon as possible , Stay tuned .( writing / Car home Jiang Tianshuang )

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