From 392700 yuan, the new Cadillac XT6 is listed

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yuan new cadillac xt6 xt

[ Car home   new ]  recently , We learned from Cadillac officials , Its Cadillac XT6 The model is officially launched , New car launches 6 models , Price range: 39.27-55.27 Ten thousand yuan . The new car is regarded as the model of the year , There is little change in the design of appearance and interior decoration , However, the configuration of the model has been optimized and updated . See the table below for detailed models :

New Cadillac XT6 Guide price
models The price is ( Ten thousand yuan )
Fashion type Two flooding 39.27
Fashion type all-wheel-drive 41.27
Luxury Two flooding 42.27
Luxury all-wheel-drive 44.97
Noble type all-wheel-drive 46.97
Platinum type all-wheel-drive 55.27

 SAIC GM Cadillac Cadillac XT6 2022 paragraph 2.0T Seven seats and four drives the wind

aesthetic , The new car is not much different from the old model , The classic shield type forward air grille is still used , The headlamp groups on both sides are combined with it , Match with the vertical layout around the front LED Daytime running light , The overall momentum is very shocking . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5056/1964/1780(1777)mm, The wheelbase is 2863mm.

 SAIC GM Cadillac Cadillac XT6 2021 paragraph Modification 2.0T Six seat 4WD noble

interiors , The new car still uses the combination of pointer instrument panel and LCD , The central control multimedia display adopts embedded design , It is equipped with a three spoke multifunctional steering wheel and an electronic shift mechanism .

configuration , New cars will be provided 2+2+2 Six seats and 2+3+2 The seven seat layout , The new car is also equipped with three zone independent air conditioning 、 Air circulation monitoring system 、 Electric seat adjustment 、 Forward and aft parking radar 、360 High definition video 、 Anji satellite communication system 、Bose sound 、 Active noise reduction 、 Electric rear compartment 、ESS Intelligent guard security system and other daily configurations .

 SAIC GM Cadillac Cadillac XT6 2021 paragraph Modification 2.0T Six seat 4WD noble

motivation , New cars will carry 2.0T Turbocharged four cylinder engine , The most powerful 237 horsepower , Maximum torque 350 cattle ・ rice , And meet the requirements of national six b Emission standards ; Transmission system , New cars will match 9 Speed manual automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system are optional .( writing / Car home graduation )

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