Or spy photos of Maserati Grecale interior with light mixing system

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spy photos maserati grecale interior

[ Car home   Overseas spy photos ]  recently , We got a group of Maserati from overseas media Grecale( Parameters | inquiry ) Spy photos of the interior of the model . The new car is a brand new brand of Maserati SUV models , Positioning as medium SUV, It is expected that 2021 The end of the year ushered in the world's first show .

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According to the spy photos exposed this time , The new car will use a full LCD dashboard , And with a three spoke multifunction steering wheel ; Besides , There is also a fixed large-size shift paddle behind the steering wheel , Very dynamic shape . in addition , We also see that the seats will be electrically adjustable , You can also know from the door frame that the new car will have a similar “ Atomic ash ” The appearance of the car paint .

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Besides , Spy photos also include pictures taken from the co pilot , But the interior is covered with a lot of camouflage , Can't pry into the details , You can only see the modeling design of one air conditioning outlet ; But judging from the coverage of the bulge in the middle of the center console , The new car's central control multimedia display may adopt a suspended design , Compared with Maserati's cash models, the central control design is still different .

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Review the appearance , The overall appearance of the new car is still wrapped in camouflage , But we can see that the front air grille of the new car still adopts the oval design , China open uses Maserati's classic “ Tuning fork ” style , The heat dissipation openings on both sides of the front enclosure have a large area , Diamond braided mesh structure is adopted , The visual effect is expected to be dynamic .

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The rear part , The tail lights of new cars do not have a through design , The interior shape of the tail lamp body is a double-layer style , It is also recognizable when lit . In addition, the rear enclosure is also equipped with a small tail diffuser and a four outlet exhaust layout on both sides , Further enhance the sportiness of the new car .

motivation , According to a source , The new car is expected to carry 2.0T Add 48V Light hybrid power system , For data, please refer to the current Ghibli On the model 2.0T; Besides , The new car may carry 3.0T Twin turbocharging V6 The engine , But whether it is related to MC20 The consistency of models still needs to wait for official confirmation . It is worth mentioning that , According to Maserati's product planning for future models , All its models will be available in pure electric version , We expect that in the near future , Pure electric version Grecale It will also launch .( Spy source :motor1; writing / Car home graduation )

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