Xiaop anthropomorphic Xiaopeng car P7 pushes OTA version 2.6.1

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xiaop anthropomorphic xiaopeng car p7

【 News flash | Wei to EC6 Average transaction price exceeds 40 Ten thousand yuan 】 recently , Wei Lai car announced 7 Monthly sales figures , The total number of new cars delivered in this month reached 7931 car , Year-on-year growth 124.5%. among , Wei to ES8 deliver 1702 car , Wei to ES6 deliver 3669 car , Wei to EC6 deliver 2560 car . It is worth mentioning that , Wei to EC6 At the average transaction price 40.9 The price of all , Cumulative delivery in the first half of the year 14740 car , Surpass BMW in one fell swoop X4、 Mercedes GLC The car ran 、 audi Q5L Sportback And other traditional luxury brand models .

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