Jiangsu has temporarily closed the entrances and exits of 75 expressway toll stations

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jiangsu temporarily closed entrances exits

[ Car home   information ]  8 month 3 Japan , We learned from the authorities that , at present , The expressway operation in Jiangsu Province is generally stable . nanjing 、 huaian 、 yangzhou 、 Taizhou 、 nantong 、 Suzhou 、 xuzhou 、 zhenjiang 、 Lianyungang and other areas 75 The exit or entrance of a highway toll station is temporarily closed . As follows :

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nanjing (11 individual ):G25 New collection of Changshen Expressway 、 Lishui north entrance ,G2503 Xinhuang 、 saddle 、 Tin Hau village 、 Beam inlet ,G40 North entrance and exit of cross beam of Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway ,G4221 Dongping entrance of Shanghai Wuhan expressway 、 Lukou South 、 General Avenue entrance ,S55 The entrance of Lishui Development Zone of ningxuan expressway ;

Taizhou (10 individual ):G1515 Yanjing Expressway Qintong 、 Anfeng 、 New Street exit ,G2 Export of Taizhou medical city of Beijing Shanghai Expressway ,G40 Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway Guangling 、 Seasonal export ,S35 Xinghua Zhouzhuang of Fu Li expressway 、 ' 、 Yu duo 、 Dasi exit ;

nantong (1 individual ):G40 Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway starts at the southeast entrance ;

Suzhou (1 individual ):G15 The entrance of Taicang new area of Shenhai expressway ;

huaian (9 individual ):G1516 Lingqiao of Yanluo expressway 、 Stone pond exit ,G2 Huaian north exit of Beijing Shanghai Expressway ,G25 Long deep high-speed high ditch 、 Tieshan Temple exit 、 Wulipai entrance and exit ,S49 Huanghuatang of Xinyang expressway 、 Xuyi north exit ,S22 Dongyang exit of yanbeng expressway ;

yangzhou (23 individual ):G2 Beijing Shanghai Expressway Gaoyou 、 Putou 、 Zhenwu entrance ,G40 Jiang Wang of Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway 、 Tang Wang 、 Yangzhou Guangling 、 Hang Ji Nan 、 The entrance and exit of the bridge 、 Yizheng entrance 、 Jiangdu south exit ,G4011 Guazhou entrance and exit of Yangli expressway ,S28 Qiyang expressway is located in the north of Yangzhou 、 West lake 、 Yangzhou west entrance 、 Jiangdu North 、 Ding Gang 、 Yangzhou Taizhou Airport 、 Guocun entrance and exit ,S39 Jiangdu port of Jiangyi Expressway 、 Li Diantou bridge entrance and exit ,S49 Shugang entrance of Xinyang Expressway 、 Chen Ji 、 Liu Ji's entrance ;

xuzhou (2 individual ):G30 Xinyi west exit of Lianhuo Expressway 、S49 Malingshan exit of Xinyang expressway ;

zhenjiang (8 individual ):G42 Jurong of Shanghai Chengdu expressway 、 Heyang exit ,G4011 Yangli Expressway Town, Jiangxi Province 、 Shangdang export ,G4221 Tianwang exit of Shanghai Wuhan Expressway ,S35 Danyang north of Fu Li expressway 、 East exit of Zhenjiang new area ,S39 High Bridge exit of Jiangyi expressway ;

lianyungang (10 individual ):G15 Haitou of Shenhai expressway 、 Luo Yang 、 Lianyungang north 、 Xinba 、 Guanyun north exit ,G25 Changshen Expressway Ganyu South 、 Dapu 、 Song Tiao 、 Guanyunxi 、 Guannan exit .( compile / Car home Xue Lian Zhang )

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