The vehicle is locked for 10%? GAC Toyota ia5 owners report and protect their rights

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vehicle locked gac toyota ia5

[ Car home   New energy ] A few days ago, the media reported , Gac Toyota iA5( Parameters | inquiry ) Users send reports to the Quality Development Bureau of the State Administration of market supervision to protect their rights , It means that GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. did not inform the customer and obtained the customer's permission , Yes, a large number of 2020 year 6 GAC Toyota produced before January iA5 The model passes through the background OTA Upgrade the battery management system BMS etc. , Artificially reduce the available capacity of automobile power battery ( Lock electricity ), At the same time, the output power of the vehicle is limited to no more than 60%( Lock power ). User response , The available capacity of the battery in the vehicle is “ Lock electricity ” after , The range and performance are obviously reduced . As of the report , GAC Toyota has not responded to this matter yet .

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It is reported that the user described , Gac Toyota iA5 The vehicle is being tested OTA After upgrading , The vehicle was originally 58.78kWh The battery capacity is nearly 10kWh, The actual range is nearly 100 km . In addition, the user said , Not only is the battery capacity less , Could have been 100% Motor with full output , The output power is forcibly locked at 60% following . After obtaining the certificate, the user found , In the car BMS Background information display of battery management system ,2021 year 7 month 18 The owner's iA5 The version number of successful upgrade is “2510015ARD0000C.9” Of BMS Calibration software , After that, the vehicle experienced endurance and performance degradation .

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『 The version number provided by the user is “2510015ARD0000C.9” Updated screenshot of 』

When problems arise , Some users go to... When the vehicle is nearly fully charged 4S The shop conducts vehicle information diagnosis , Found that when the vehicle SOC( battery level ) stay 99% Under the state of ,BMS feedback SOC The actual available power is only 83.5%.

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『 The version number provided by the user is the screenshot of the available battery capacity diagnosis report 』

at present , Gac Toyota iA5 Users start to build their own rights protection group , I hope the authorities will respond to this matter , At the same time, restore the vehicle performance and endurance performance during brand promotion , And said , If the vehicle has potential safety hazards or defects , Unified recall and other means shall be adopted , Otherwise, they will continue to report to the Ministry of industry and information technology 、 The State Administration of quality supervision and other functional departments , Safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through various sound channels .( writing / Car home Yao Jia Source : Sohu automobile ・E Electric Garden )

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