Xiaop anthropomorphic Xiaopeng car P7 pushes OTA version 2.6.1

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xiaop anthropomorphic xiaopeng car p7

[ Car home New energy ]  recently , We learned from Xiaopeng automobile official that , Xiao peng car P7( Parameters | inquiry ) Will usher in the third 9 Time OTA upgrade ,2.6.1 edition Xmart OS Officially start pushing . This time OTA Focus on adding intelligent voice assistant small P Brand new AI voice , Have a better sound 、 More vivid 、 More like real people , Improve the auditory feeling of voice interaction .

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new AI The sound is not only more like a real person in the subjective sense of hearing , It also uses 24K Sampling technology , Achieve high fidelity sound quality , And have, including intimacy 、 Dissatisfaction, etc 14 Emotions . Besides , To solve the voice assistant voice delay 、 The network jitter 、 Integration with Applications , A small offline splicing engine is used 、 Super large scale online neural network engine 、 End cloud integration, multi-level cache and other technologies , Can do more than 97% Online rate , Ensure that users do not have to worry about sound quality damage in the case of weak network and no network .

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meanwhile , This time OTA The upgrade will also optimize NGP Logic of curve speed limit in state , Provide users with a more reassuring experience of assisted driving and cornering .DSM Fatigue detection will also be open to Zhixiang users , stay XPILOT 2.5 When the autopilot function is on , It can judge whether the driver is in fatigue driving state in real time , And give warning in time .( writing / Car home Sun Yichao )

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