The price of Toyota's new Rand cooluze is exposed, starting from 300000 yuan. Are you excited?

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price toyota new rand cooluze

“ There will be a way to get there , Where there is a road , There's Rand cooluzer ”, I believe you will not feel strange to this sentence , As a hardline off-road model in the family , Toyota Rand coolozer , It can be said that it is deeply loved by many of our off-road fans , also , Its hedging rate in our domestic market , It has always been very high and stable . In recent days, , Overseas media exposed the price of Toyota's new Rand cooluze model , Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

We can know from the price table above , Toyota's new Rand coolozawa starts at :510 Ten thousand yen ( Renminbi equivalent 30 Ten thousand yuan ), It is worth mentioning that , According to the relevant news , The new car is expected to be introduced into our domestic market in the form of parallel import at the end of this year or next year . In modeling design , The new car still continues the family design style , Banner air inlet grille with thick chrome plating decoration on the front face , Plus the matrix on both sides LED Headlights , And the higher bulge on the hood , So people feel very domineering and powerful .

( Toyota's new Rand cooluze Japanese version GX、AX、VX、ZX Configuration model )

( Toyota's new Rand cooluze Japanese version GR SPORT Configuration model )

also , It is worth mentioning that , Toyota's new Rand cooluze will also be available in a variety of body colors , In order to meet the aesthetic needs of different groups , among , New cool Luze GX、AX、VX、ZX The configuration model provides 6 A choice of colors ,GR SPORT The configuration model provides 4 A choice of colors . As for interior decoration , Toyota's new Rand cooluze looks very advanced , A large number of physical keys are reserved in the central control area , Thus, it is conducive to the driver's better and convenient operation , Suspended liquid crystal display , To a certain extent, it adds a bit of due scientific and technological flavor .

motivation , Toyota's new Rand cooluzer offers 3.3T V6 Diesel engines and 3.5T V6 Gasoline engine optional , Transmission in , And what matches that is 10 Speed automatic transmission , And equipped with four-wheel drive system . In general , All aspects of Toyota's new Rand cooluze , Compared with the old model , Have been adjusted and upgraded to a certain extent , If you enter our domestic market in the future , It is estimated that the price will not be very close to the people , How much do you think the starting price of the new car in our domestic market in the future is appropriate ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .

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