Another domestic medium-sized SUV with high appearance value is released. Will you pay for this appearance value?

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domestic medium-sized medium sized suv

Speaking of Dongfeng Xiaokang's Dongfeng scenery 580 This model , It has just been launched before, and it has been loved and recognized by many consumers . Because of its positioning SUV, But the actual price is only the entry-level compact SUV The price of , Therefore, it has achieved a good result of breaking 10000 sales per month . in addition , Because Dongfeng Xiaokang manufacturers are interested in Dongfeng scenery 580 The model realizes 7 year 15 Free warranty for 10000 km of complete vehicle , So this makes most consumers more comfortable to pay for it .

Now , Dongfeng scenery 580 from 2016 It has gone through... Since it was listed in 5 Years of time , So it's time for a new generation . And just recently , Dongfeng Xiaokang also released a new Dongfeng scenery 580 The official map of the model , As a replacement model , What are the different changes of the new car ? Today we'll learn about it .

In terms of shape , New scenery 580 The so-called “ Oriental futuristic Aesthetics ” Design , Compared to cash models , Overall, it should be more fashionable 、 young . The specific term , New scenery 580 At first glance, it looks like the design of Lexus , The manufacturer named this design “ Birds pay homage to the king Gather and take off ” Grid design . Besides , The front face also uses “ The skyline ” Through lamp set design , Make the contour and visual hierarchy of the front face of the whole vehicle clearer .

What's interesting is that , Compared with the previous Dongfeng brand “ Two swallows ” Auto Logos , New scenery 580 A brand new “FENGON” Brand logo , This also represents the road of differentiated development of scenery brand in the market segment in the future , In line with the overall strategic development plan previously made by Dongfeng passenger car group .

Look at the side , Compared to cash models , New scenery 580 The overall feeling is still similar , The difference is that the sense of hierarchy has improved . On the size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4720/1865/1710mm. The wheelbase is 2785mm, The wheelbase is increased compared with the current car model 5mm, The overall remains unchanged .

As for the tail , Personally, I don't think the overall design is brilliant , Although the name “ The wild goose returns ” Through stereo tail lamp design , But it still looks like a van with cash models . in addition , The exhaust layout design with two sides and two outlets may also be just decoration , So it doesn't have much practical significance .

Finally, in terms of motivation , New scenery 580 Will carry one 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 184 horsepower , Compared with the current model, the power parameters are improved 4 horsepower . As for the transmission , The new car may continue to carry CVT Stepless gearbox , In addition, manual transmission models may also be available .

For cash Dongfeng scenery 580 models 7 year /15 10000 km vehicle warranty , There are also some different sounds on the net . Some car owners said , I am aiming at the scenery 580 Of 7 year 15 10000 km warranty to buy a car , It can also be regarded as supporting domestic !2017 I bought two together in , Now my intestines are blue ! It can be seen how disappointed the owner is with this car .

Another owner said : I as 580 The owner ! scenery 580 The car says 7 year 15 Ten thousand kilometers warranty ! fake ! I've been driving for four years ! There are too many problems ! A few months ago, the highway almost died ! The overtaking lane brake suddenly locks ! Back to four s The store said the brakes were not guaranteed ! Engine leakage ! Four s The store said it didn't matter ! Their cars are all like this ! A few days ago, the high-speed water pipe suddenly broke again ! Drag back four s shop , Say no guarantee ! I asked 7 year 15 What is the guarantee for 10000 kilometers ? They said to protect the gears in the engine !! It's really speechless !!

After reading the above several car owners about the scenery 580 Played 7 year 、15 The description of free warranty for 10000 km vehicle , It can be seen that they are not satisfied with the policy launched by the manufacturer . Now , The official map of the new car has been released , It is expected that the real car will be officially released soon , Will the manufacturer continue to play 7 Years or 15 10000 km free vehicle warranty policy , We'll see . Last , For such a medium-sized with high appearance SUV Release , What are your opinions and opinions ? Leave a message below , Let's talk about .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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