Roewe also has failed cars. The price starts at 268800, but the sales volume in June is only 7!

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roewe failed cars. cars price

Speaking of Roewe , To trace its history, the British car brand Rover , But then rover was acquired by SAIC Group due to bankruptcy , In order to build its own international brand , Therefore, there is a middle and high-end brand with brand-new cultural connotation and value orientation —— roewe .

As an important step in SAIC's international development strategy , Roewe brand has developed rapidly in recent years . Not only by Roewe RX5 This popular model has gained the attention and recognition of a large number of users , In the field of cars, Rongwei has also been launched i6、i5 Wait for the new model . in addition , Roewe's new MPV——iMAX8 Now the response in the market is also very good , So now Roewe seems to be moving towards the goal of international big brand step by step .

however , To say that Roewe has no cars with poor sales , That's impossible . see , Take the high-end electric vehicle launched by Roewe in the past two years , roewe MARVEL X For example . This year 6 Sales in January were only 7 platform , The Rottweiler brand is the most failed model . that , Why did SAIC Roewe spend great efforts to build this Roewe MARVEL X But no one wants to buy it ? Now let's learn about this car .

aesthetic ,MARVEL X The overall shape design of continues the previous experience of Roewe Vision-E The design elements of the concept car , On the whole ,MARVEL X The design of the is quite smooth , Through the day light with a sense of future in the front face 、 Small ornaments such as hidden door handles also add a sense of science and Technology . The tail is flowing “MARVEL X” The logo further highlights the identity , As for aesthetics, it varies from person to person .

interiors , As the current high-end product of Roewe ,MARVEL X The interior adopts a large central control screen , It integrates most of the function keys , This design makes the center console very simple , At the same time, the whole glass panel also greatly improves the visual experience . In terms of workmanship and materials , The sense of class is really good , And the details are good , This can be highly praised .

In terms of space, this one MARVEL X My hard wound , height 177cm The experimenters sit in the back , Legs only 4 Refers to the space , The head is only 3 finger , This performance also makes it really unable to serve the family well , No wonder not many people want to buy it .

The power is this one MARVEL X My weakness . Although it adopts the driving form of double motors , But the 100 km acceleration of the rear drive version is only 7.9 second , Even the 4WD version , The acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 4.8 second , This is obviously not a strong power .

Besides ,MARVEL X The rear drive version of MIIT has only 403 km , The 4WD version is only 370 km , Therefore, not to mention the actual driving conditions , How high can its endurance performance be . therefore , In today's new energy market, the mileage is often 500、600km In the model of , Endurance performance naturally becomes a constraint MARVEL X One of the biggest reasons for sales growth .

Last ,26.88-30.88 The price range of 10000 yuan can buy a standard endurance version of Tesla Model 3 Or is it Model Y, For users who want to buy new energy vehicles , Tesla's brand status can be compared with Roewe. I don't know how many levels it is higher , So people will be willing to spend 30 Will Wan buy a Roewe electric car ? At least I haven't met you yet .

therefore , in my opinion MARVEL X More like SAIC Roewe “ Rush high ” The product of , Maybe the manufacturer has long realized that this car will not sell well , But we still have to push it out , In order to deal with the impact of overseas brand new energy models dominated by Tesla . To put it bluntly , Roewe's strategy to hit the high end is to ignore the cost and price , Just from the sales performance at present , It did fail . But what big moves will Roewe brand make in the new energy vehicle market in the future , We are all looking forward to .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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