Nezha car asks Wu Yifan to speak for it? The person in charge Peng gang was dismissed, farce or hype?

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nezha car asks wu yifan

8 month 3 Late at night , Nezha automobile said in a statement on its official microblog , According to investigation 8 month 3 Friday night , When discussing content in the brand work group , The relevant remarks made by some individuals of Nezha automobile seriously challenge the social values , Bring about an extremely bad impact , Against the principles and purposes of the company , Now it is decided to immediately dismiss Peng Gang, the person in charge of the market , All members of the group who make inappropriate remarks are dismissed at the same time !

From a group of chat records exposed by netizens, we can see , Peng Gang, the market leader of Nezha automobile, spoke in the brand center management group of Nezha automobile ,“ Do you want to give Wu Yifan a chance , Guan Xuan asked him to be his spokesman , Tell everyone to give him a chance , Bad guys also need opportunities .”、“ Nezha's spirit is to give everyone a chance to be a man again ”.

Then Peng Gang said :“ It's a five minute lap , Actually, you can try , Big deal officials then apologized and fired the relevant personnel .” Other members of the group agreed with Peng Gang's proposal , call “ Is to keep making hot spots , Doing wrong can also become a hot spot , Apologies are still hot ”. ok , little does one think 2 An hour later, Peng Gang immediately asked for a hammer , Nezha's car has become a hot spot again .

Who is Peng Gang ? He was a former of LETV holdings CMO、 Easy to reach the front CEO, In the field of advertising 16 Years of working experience , He is the director of integration strategy of dapis advertising China , Ogilvy SohoSq Advertising partner , It can be called a well-known advertiser .

There is a precedent for this gentleman's wonderful thinking . According to netizens , He had previously worked for hechuang automobile ( Formerly known as GAC Weilai ) Planned to call on all to use Ningde era 811 Battery car enterprise , After the vehicle caught fire and spontaneous combustion, the whole vehicle will be compensated , And GAC Wei to support bitcoin car purchase, etc , Have caused a lot of controversy in the network and Industry .

Is this farce supporting Wu Yifan also a marketing plan directed and performed by Peng gang and Nezha automobile , From all the signs , It's not impossible .

Released from Peng gang in wechat group “ Improper speech ”, Go to Nezha automobile to publish a microblog statement , Just more than an hour apart , The official response is faster than ever . Although Peng Gang's remarks are inappropriate , But after all, it's just discussing ideas in the internal wechat group , There was no real action . The people's Congress issuing the screenshot can send this information to the top management of the company for internal processing , Why advertise it ?

And Nezha car CEO Zhang Yong immediately said on the social platform ,“ Dismiss the person in charge of the marketing and public relations department who came up with this idea and half of the brand public relations team who participated in the discussion and made improper remarks !” The words in it are also quite meaningful , Fired is “ Head of marketing and public relations department ” and “ Half of the brand PR team is in charge ”.

Nezha's car is 8 month 3 On Tuesday night 23 spot 19 In the earliest release statement , Peng Gang's position is expressed as “ Special consultant of the company ”, Then it was changed to “ Market leader ”. The position of special adviser seems to be a virtual position . The information found on the Internet shows , Peng Gang recently joined Nezha automobile to be in charge of marketing , But there is no official confirmation . Maybe “ Expel ” Only the consulting team headed by Peng gang , And this team and Nezha automobile are just some kind of cooperative relationship ?

in fact , This year, Nezha's performance in the market is gradually getting better . according to the understanding of , Nezha's car is 7 A total of 6011 New cars , Hit a record monthly sales volume of the brand , Year on year growth 392%. By the end of 7 End of month , Nezha car 2021 The annual cumulative delivery reached 27115 platform , In the new power auto enterprises, the rising momentum is obvious . If this momentum can be maintained , It is only a matter of time before Nezha automobile becomes the first echelon of domestic independent new forces automobile enterprises .

However, this farce came out at this time , Whether it's just Peng Gang's personal misconduct , Or the reverse marketing hype of Nezha automobile , So far, it has not played any positive role in Nezha car . Perhaps the rising momentum of Nezha car will be interrupted . Innovative marketing 、 Leveraging marketing is what every enterprise has been pursuing and trying , But in the process of planning ideas , Not only against the mainstream values of society , He also showed all kinds of tricks and was questioned , It seems too unprofessional . Instead of playing with these wonderful skills in marketing , It's better to do a good job in the product .

If this is Peng Gang's personal behavior , It can only be said that Nezha's car employment is not fair ; If it's really a hype about Nezha car , It would only be carrying a stone and hitting yourself in the foot .( writing / ATV The old gun )

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