Lincoln flyer's new model has been exposed, with aggressive design and a 3.0T engine

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lincoln flyer new model exposed

Lincoln Aviator , As a middle and large family SUV, Since its launch , With strong and atmospheric modeling design , Plus good performance , It has won the love of many fans at home and abroad . recently , Overseas media exposed a group of Lincoln pilots Shinola Picture of concept model , It is reported that , The new car was built by Lincoln and Shinola Work together to create , Design inspiration Shinola Of Canfield Sport watch 、Runwell Bicycles and leather products , This new model that sparked with luxury goods , What surprises will it bring us ? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

The first is in modeling design , Aviator Shinola The front face of the concept version adopts the design style of dot matrix air inlet grille , Huge logo LOGO Inlay therein , So as to improve a bit of brand recognition , Plus... On both sides LED Headlamp group of light source , And the bulge of the lines on the hood , Plus the multi frame wheel hub shape , It makes people feel very domineering . The sharp lines on the side run through the rear of the car , Plus the chrome luggage rack on the roof , It looks very powerful .

As for interior decoration , Aviator Shinola The concept version feels very advanced , In particular, the seats are made of cream suede and Shinola Whisky Leather Double package , Stitching with details , It looks very classy , Suspended LCD in central control area , Plus a full LCD dashboard , To a certain extent, it has improved the due sense of science and Technology , Multi function steering wheel with three frames , Plus electronic key shift mechanism , It makes people feel like they want to control it , Whether in terms of workmanship or materials , Are quite solid , It creates a comfortable and luxurious interior atmosphere .

motivation , The new car will carry a 3.0T V6 The engine , Transmission in , And what matches that is 10 Self - contained gearbox , Maximum power accessible 298 kw , Peak torque 563 cattle · rice . It is worth mentioning that , New cars will be launched in the future 3.0T Plug in hybrid models are optional , So as to meet the car purchase needs of different consumers . For such an overbearing luxury medium and large SUV, What do you think ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .

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