The independent brand compact sports car has ushered in an "explosion". Young people want to buy a car. Don't miss these three models

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independent brand compact sports car

Sedan , As the most popular model category in the car market , No matter how the car market changes , Its status will not change . But it's such a big market , Independent brands have been difficult to chew it down , It was not until recent years that the current situation of the car market was better , The emergence of emperors 、 Escaping 、 Xingrui 、 han EV And so on , Even the courage to compete with luxury cars .

Now , With the rise of young consumers , Their demand for sports cars is growing , But most of the cars on the market tend to be familiar with home . Turn over and turn over , If you want to buy a sporty car at the right price, it's just Civic 、 A few models such as oncella . And this just gives domestic cars a chance , In this process, they launched a representative 3 Sports car , Let's take stock today , See if there's any of your dishes ?

The first paragraph : Shadow leopard

Shadow leopard has lit a fire recently , First, because of its price fire , In honor of “ Su Shen ”, Directly change the price of the entry version from the previous 9.88 Ten thousand yuan has been transferred to 9.83 Ten thousand yuan . thus , The price of shadow leopard is 9.83—12.8 Ten thousand yuan . Although only 500 element , But the practical significance is far greater than the financial significance , Here's a compliment for GAC motor .

The second fire of shadow leopard is its product power .9.83 What can you buy for ten thousand yuan ? You can buy quite radical 、 The appearance of movement , Although you can't buy a version with its own modifications at this price , But it's handsome enough , Cool enough . At the same time, its interior is not vague , The LCD instrument panel and the central control screen are combined into one . Large areas of soft packages will not be absent ,9.83 Ten thousand yuan , This money is put on the joint venture car body, so I want these configurations ? I dare not even think about it .

Of course , The most powerful thing about shadow leopard is its engine ,1.5T+7 Quick wet double clutch , Maximum horsepower 177 horse , Peak torque 270N·m,0—100km/h The acceleration time only needs 6.95S. Among cars of the same class , It's really strong enough , Combined with its appearance and strong power , It's not too much to give it the name of a sports car ?

proxime accessit : mg 6 PRO

at present , mg PRO It's not officially on the market yet , But from the pictures of the real car , mg 6 PRO There is a feeling that the comer is not good , The whole gives people a visual feeling, that is, exaggeration , And fierce , It seems that it is really ready to make a big fight in the compact sports car market .

Although the famous Baron 6 PRO It looks fierce 、 Publicize , But how to make the interior look good has always been a problem for mingjue , Even when it comes to the Baron 6 PRO There's no solution here , It's always that close .

Dynamic part , mg 6PRO Will continue to use 1.5T High power engine , Maximum horsepower 181 horse , Peak torque 285N·m. The one above the shadow leopard 1.5T The engine is strong enough , I didn't expect a stronger . It seems that when the Grand Master 6 PRO After the official listing , There will inevitably be a fierce battle between them .

In the third paragraph : Led the g 03(03+)

If the above two cars don't meet the standard of sports car in your mind , Then link 03(03+) Sure to meet your needs , It's just more expensive . Think about it , Its products are more powerful , How can it not be expensive ?

Actually, link 03(03+) In addition to the full personality in appearance and solid interior materials , The biggest feature is its outstanding power .

It's no exaggeration to say , Whether it's a joint venture , Or a domestic sports car , When you meet it, you have to be soft . The specific term , Led the g 03(03+), It carries 1.5T( Three cylinder ) and 2.0T The engine , among 1.5T The maximum horsepower of this version 180 horse , and 2.0T The maximum horsepower of the version reaches 254 horse . In terms of horsepower parameters , Led the g 03 It is regarded as the of sports cars in its own brand “ seed ” Not too much ?

But then again , Led the g 03 One of the problems facing the car line is , It has to drink 95 Number of the gasoline , And maintenance is not cheap , You should be prepared for this .

summary : Now , There are more and more sports cars with independent brands , Among them, the shadow leopard 、 mg 6 PRO、 Led the g 03 The car system is a representative of them . If you want to buy a sports car , Consider them .( writing / ATV   forward )

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