Guinness Seth gv80 ushered in the listing, which can be called "Korean Bentley", with a starting price of 529800 yuan

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guinness seth gv80 gv ushered

Janice Seth , As a high-end automobile brand under Hyundai , It is estimated that many friends will feel strange , After all , Compared with Toyota's Lexus , And Honda's Acura , In our domestic auto market , Denise doesn't seem to be as well known as them . recently , Janice Seth is the first product in China SUV-GV80, As a luxury medium and large SUV, For the launch of new cars , What will be the highlights ? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

this , Janice Seth GV80 There are two models on the market , Price range: :52.98-61.88 Ten thousand yuan , all the time , In our country, luxury medium and large SUV field , BMW X5/ Mercedes GLE/ audi Q7, They have their own world , And the brand influence is also quite high , Favored by many Chinese people , It's just , Janice Seth GV80 In terms of price , Relative to them , Seems more cost-effective , however , Compared with the second tier luxury, medium and large SUV, It has little price advantage . In modeling design , I believe you don't have to make up for more , You can see , Janice Seth GV80 Self contained gas field , Give a person a kind of “ bentley ” Both seeing and feeling .

Enter the interior section , Janice Seth GV80 It feels very simple , Certain physical keys are reserved in the central control area , Suspended LCD touch screen , Built in Baidu Apollo Intelligent vehicle engine system , Plus a full LCD dashboard , It looks very advanced , Large area leather package , With a lot of chrome elements , And through air conditioning outlets , Thus creating a comfortable and luxurious interior atmosphere . It's just , From Xiaobian's personal point of view , This dual width multifunction steering wheel , It's not very pleasing to the eye , I wonder if you feel the same way .

motivation , Janice Seth GV80 With one 2.5T The engine , Transmission in , And what matches that is 8 Self - contained gearbox , The maximum horsepower can reach 304 horse , The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is :10.39L. In general , As a luxury medium and large SUV, Janice Seth GV80 Modeling design and interior atmosphere , They have a good performance in terms of power , It's just , There are only two models available for the new car , This limits consumers' selectivity to a certain extent , Regarding this , What do you think ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .( eighteen / edit )

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