Haval's new car is officially named "divine beast", which is expected to be sold from 120000, with the potential of explosion

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haval new car officially named

earlier , In this year 4 During the Shanghai auto show in January , Harvard has released a new SUV models , At that time, the car was XY As the name , Now , It was officially announced that the car was officially named - Harper beast , For this name , It has to be said that it has strong “ Chinese style ”, And it's worth mentioning that , The new car is expected to be officially launched this year , For its arrival , Do you expect ?

Harper beast , Positioning as compact SUV, The new car will be built on the lemon platform . In modeling design , According to the official picture above , The new car basically retains the Haval at the Shanghai auto show XY The design style of the concept car , The front face is treated with the popular borderless grille , In addition, a large number of transverse chromium plating are added for decoration , Match with two side split headlights , And through LED Lamp with , So as to give people a visual feeling of avant-garde trend . For the design style of the new car , Xiaobian thinks that , It basically caters to the aesthetics of most people at present , also , Compared with models of the same level , With a more outstanding appearance , I believe many young friends will feel very excited .

Although the new car is positioned as compact SUV, But in terms of body size , Compared to Harvard H6 Come on , Have a better performance , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively :4781/1890/1679mm, The wheelbase is :2800mm. The side body lines are very smooth and slender , The strong waistline runs from the front to the rear , It looks very powerful , Five petal wheel hub shapes , Plus the exhaust layout of bilateral double outlet , Thus, the sports breath of the whole vehicle is further improved .

motivation , Harper beast is expected to use lemon DHT technology , carrying 1.5T+DHT130 powertrain , Maximum power accessible 180 kw , The new car is expected to be available in the future 2.0T edition , So as to meet the car purchase needs of different consumers . In terms of price , As a reference , The estimated starting price of the beast is 12 Ten thousand yuan or so , If so , Do you think the beast will become a domestic compact SUV In the field of “ Popular models ” Do you ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .

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