Hongguang miniev meets its opponent. Three pure electric vehicles are coming. Don't you start yet?

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hongguang miniev meets opponent. opponent

Who is the leader of pure electric mini cars in the domestic automobile market ? That's not Hongguang MINIEV Perhaps judge of particulars, , From listing to hot selling , Then to the successful circle , Agatsuma MINIEV For a time, it can be said that no car can reach .

There are so many car companies in China , Agatsuma MINIEV After the hot sale , It will certainly attract the attention of other car companies , Since the market potential of micro pure electric vehicles is so great , Then let's get involved . see , Recently 3 A pure electric car came out , Will their arrival be good for Hongguang MINIEV How does it affect the sales of ? Let's see how powerful their products are .

The first paragraph : Baojun adventure (KiWi EV)

Looking at his brother Wuling with Hongguang MINIEV Sell well in the car market , Baojun couldn't sit still , So , It launched a KiWi EV, The Chinese name is adventure micro pure electric vehicle . Adventure this car , The biggest highlight is its appearance design , The appearance of science fiction fashion makes it difficult to distinguish which side is the front of the car after a first glance , Which side is the rear .

The designer created the appearance of adventure like this , It's not unreasonable , Their biggest goal is not only to make it more eye-catching , And then make its interior space bigger . The size of the car itself is small , I still don't think of some way to look , It's really hard to sit in that car . Now , After a designed meal , There is no problem for four people in adventure car .

The interior of adventure has two highlights , The co pilot's side is trying to make room for passengers , I'm afraid her legs have no place to put . Secondly, the configuration of the main driver is really unambiguous , LCD panel 、“ Huai block ”、360 Panoramic images 、 Adaptive cruise 、 Automatic emergency braking and other auxiliary driving systems have .

Dynamic part , Adventure is the rear drive , Maximum power of drive motor 40 kw , Maximum torque 150 cattle · rice . in addition , Its range is also 305km, It also supports fast charging . Given the configuration of adventure 、 The mileage performance was pretty good , Its price will certainly not be particularly cheap , But to be honest , As a small car , It's really good to use it to take a walk in the city .

In the second paragraph : Euler white cat, little wildcat

all the time , Euler white cats are embarrassing in Euler's product line , There is a black cat in front , There are good cats after , So its sales are not high or low , The status is not high or low . In order to expand their influence . This time, , Euler white cat is going to work , It launched a “ Little wild cat ” To impact the micro pure electric vehicle market .

Compared with ordinary models, Euler white cat and little wildcat , Its biggest feature is that its identity has changed , It has become a legal and compliant original modified version of the model . The new car has added a lot of sports kits , For example, before and after 、 The front on both sides surrounds the side skirts , And the rear spoiler . Interestingly , These new sports kits , The colors are very “ Noble spirit ” Rose Gold ,

Dynamic part , Euler white kitten and wildcat kitten will be equipped with two power systems , The maximum power and torque of the drive motor are 48 horse ,125 cattle · rice ; as well as 61 horse ,130 cattle · rice . As for the range , Euler white cat and little wild cat will also provide 360km and 401km Two range . Euler white kitten is a little wild cat with a personalized appearance 、 Sports micro pure electric vehicle , Although it has the attribute of a scooter , But you should also buy according to your actual love .

In the third paragraph : BYD dolphins

Dolphins are BYD e platform 3.0 A heavy pure electric car under , The new car is not only in appearance 、 The interior design is different from other BYD models , And the electronic and electrical controller in the car 、 The power system controller will meet you with black Technology . Thanks to this , Dolphin performance 、 The range will be amazing .

It is reported that ,e platform 3.0 Its models will use eight in one electric drive system , The overall efficiency will exceed 89%, And a new generation SiC The power of electronic control will also increase 30%. besides , The models built based on this platform also have 800V High voltage flash charging technology , As for whether there is a carrier on the dolphin, it still needs to be announced after it is officially launched .

summary : Agatsuma MINIEV Sell well in the market , Awakened the vision of car enterprises for the micro pure electric vehicle market . As more new models enter the market , While consumers have more choices , Agatsuma MINIEV The pressure is not small . Baojun's adventure 、 Euler's white cat, little wild cat 、 BYD's Dolphin , They are strong opponents .( writing / ATV forward )

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