Domestic best-selling medium-sized SUV, with sales exceeding BBA in June, will you buy red flag HS5?

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domestic best-selling best selling medium-sized

In compact SUV field , Domestic brands have emerged, such as Harvard H6、 changan CS75、 Geely boyue and other hot sellers SUV, They can be entrenched in SUV Among the top ten in sales , Its product strength and actual sales performance also complement each other . however , At a higher level of medium SUV In the market , Previously, domestic brands have not accounted for the sweetness , A lot of market share is also shared by Becquerel nkoway in the joint venture brand 、 View of the public way L、 Occupied by Volkswagen tanyue and other models . therefore , This has also become the regret many Chinese feel when they need to buy a car at this level .

Fortunately , As domestic brands pay more and more attention to medium-sized enterprises SUV The development of , Now our domestic medium-sized SUV The market has also emerged, such as Chang'an UNI-K、 Geely Haoyue 、 Chery tiggo or dingle 8、WEY mocha 、 Led the g 05、 Gac and kei GS8、 The red flag HS5 And many other models .

And it's worth mentioning , As a representative of domestic luxury cars , The red flag HS5 Now it has grown into a medium-sized enterprise with the best sales in China SUV. stay 6 month , The red flag HS5(13672 car ) Its sales even surpass Audi Q5L(12857 car )、 BMW X3(12133 car )、 Mercedes GLC(7481 car ) And other luxury brands SUV, In the face of such a good sales momentum , It also makes us have to admit , Domestic products are finally selling well SUV, The red flag HS5 Rise up !

Ask the red flag HS5 Why can we do domestic medium-sized SUV Number one in sales ? In addition to the strong influence of the Red Flag brand , Is its good product power . First, the price , As a domestic medium-sized SUV, The red flag HS5 The price of is only 18.38-24.98 Ten thousand yuan range , Compact with many joint ventures SUV All flat , Such a price is placed in the middle SUV The market undoubtedly makes it very cost-effective .

Look at the appearance , The red flag HS5 The shape is very close to the current design idea of German cars , The lines are simple and soft , But create a sense of oppression , Instead, it highlights the visual effect of the atmosphere , Therefore, this is more in line with the aesthetic preferences of Chinese people .

The side of the body also reflects a soft and advanced feeling , The proportion is in place ,20 Inch rim size is just right .

Finally, in the rear part , The overall design is relatively regular , The tail mark of the red flag has also become the biggest highlight of the tail , It looks grand and luxurious . And no matter what angle you look at the past , This red flag HS5 Can achieve coordination and unity , So this is also a red flag HS5 The reason why it can be loved by so many people .

Into the car , The red flag HS5 The interior design is also luxurious and has a sense of science and Technology , Integrated dual screen 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 Atmosphere lamp 、 Electronic gear handle and other elements are all on the stage , The addition of these functional hardware also makes HS5 The car has a strong sense of sophistication , It's hard for people in the car not to be interested in this interior design .

Configuration , Even the lowest match 2.0T Zhilian Qiyue model , It's also standard 6 airbag 、 Forward and aft parking radar 、 Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Automatic parking 、 Keyless entry and start 、 Leather seats 、 All-liquid crystal instrument 、 Electrically adjustable main co-pilot 、 Second row backrest angle adjustment 、 Car networking 、OTA upgrade 、LED headlight 、 A large number of practical functions such as automatic air conditioning , So , Why the red flag HS5 Can sell so well ? Rich configuration is also a major reason for consumers to choose to start with it .

As a medium-sized household product SUV, Spatial representation is also very important for users , The red flag HS5 What's the performance of ? By height 180cm According to the actual measurement of the experimenter , The rear legroom can be close to 3 boxing , The head also has 1 The space of Boxing , This is undoubtedly very good for the family . in addition , The comfort of the rear seats is also very good , The backrest is relatively soft , Although the middle platform of the rear row has a bulge , But the platform is relatively wide , So it doesn't seem too cramped to put your feet , Fully meet the needs of household .

Finally, in terms of motivation , The red flag HS5 The whole system is equipped with one 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 224 horsepower , Maximum torque 340 Cattle meters . The transmission is matched 6 Self - contained gearbox . From the driving experience , The first feeling of driving this car is that the steering wheel feels soft , This makes it easy to start . secondly , After experiencing the power, I feel more abundant during daily driving , There is no problem with the gear connection and shift logic of the transmission , It can also maintain good ride comfort at low speed .

Of course , In an emergency acceleration , I can still feel a little hesitant when the transmission shifts , And the engine power output is not particularly fierce , Almost explosive . As for the chassis , The performance of stability and damping effect can be satisfactory , Especially in the face of potholes , Its suspension alignment is flexible , Being able to bend and stretch can well resolve the impact of road impact on riding feeling . On the whole , In terms of comfort, the red flag HS5 Achieved the superior level of the same level , This adds some chips to its hot sales again .

As for the recommended models , Personally, I think the price is 19.98 Ten thousand yuan 2.0T Zhilian banner sharing version \ The sub low configuration model is the most cost-effective choice in the whole series , Like all LED headlight 、 Panoramic images 、 Front seat heating / ventilation 、BOSE sound 、 Head up display this model has , Instead of 20 The price of 10000 yuan is also relatively easy to accept for family users , So it's worth starting with .

At the end : Through the red flag HS5 We can see from the analysis of model product force , This car not only has an atmospheric appearance and luxurious interior , In terms of internal space performance and dynamic experience, it has reached the middle and upper level of the same level . Plus the price is reasonable 、 The influence of Red Flag brand is growing , So such a car can surpass Audi Q5L Headed by BBA Luxury medium SUV The model is not surprising .

All in all , With the red flag HS5 Hot sales of models , Domestic medium-sized SUV There is finally... In the market “ Can fight ” Of SUV models , For Chinese people , This is a great blessing , For the national automobile industry , This is also an exciting transcendence . At the moment , New red flag HS5 It's going to be 8 month 11 Official listing , So next, let's hope it can achieve better sales results .( writing / Youshi auto Dazhuo )

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