Inventory of domestic new energy vehicles in the first half of the year: sales reached a new high, and models within 100000 became the main battlefield

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inventory domestic new energy vehicles

2021 Half a year has passed , The new energy vehicle track is in full swing , Traditional car companies have almost all entered the track , Early players , Ruwei comes 、 Xiao Peng and others have occupied the head position , Others have disappeared , For example, Byron . What's more, many cross-border people are pouring into this industry , such as OPPO、 millet 、 Skyworth, wait , There is a Faraday on the other side of the ocean, and the future is about to move . Yes 2021 In the first half of the year, the new energy industry made an inventory , Maybe we can see this crazy Stadium .

The financing amount of new energy continues to grow BYD “ Gold absorption ” Ability first

The new energy market is booming , Attracting a steady influx of capital . Even with the defeat of Byron , Car companies, especially the new car building forces , Objectively, we also need to continue financing , In order to gain a firm foothold in the new energy market , Deal with the next more difficult challenge .

Data sources : Companies check

According to the data of Enterprise Investigation ,2021 In the first half of , New energy vehicle track financing events totaled 57 rise , Involving projects 50 individual , The amount of financing disclosed amounted to 827.1 One hundred million yuan , Among them, the number of financing events increased by 42.5%.

The top three financing lines are BYD 、 Evergrande automobile 、 Baoneng car . BYD, as an old strong force in the new energy industry , In recent years, its performance in the terminal market and capital market has become more and more outstanding with the popularization of new energy . Evergrande and Baoneng are two new forces from the real estate industry , Although the product has not been verified by the market , But its strong financing ability has been demonstrated .

Sales of new energy vehicles hit a record high The old and new forces alternate to complete

Looking back at the whole new energy market ,2021 In the first half of the year, the cumulative sales volume reached 100.1 Thousands of cars , Cumulative year-on-year growth 224.5%, The production and marketing situation far exceeded expectations . The market share is 9.6%, Record high . This also reflects the increasing acceptance of new energy vehicles in the market .

Data sources : Wilson monitors

Data sources : Wilson monitors

In terms of sales volume composition , Tesla and “ Wei Xiaoli ” The new power of car making represented by has been steadily improved , Has built a head advantage among the new forces . Especially Tesla , With the help of Shanghai Super factory , Sales have been improved by leaps and bounds .

The changes of traditional car enterprises are relatively large , BAIC new energy, which once had the first mover advantage on the new energy track 、 Jac is gradually overtaken by its competitors due to product strength , And SAIC GM Wuling 、 The Great Wall 、 A number of new forces such as Chang'an who are good at building net red models stand out . Especially the Wuling Hongguang of SAIC GM Wuling MINI EV, Once the monthly sales exceeded Tesla , Finally, it helped SAIC GM Wuling beat Tesla in sales in the first half of the year .

Data sources : Wilson monitors

But here's the thing , Whether Wuling or the Great Wall 、 changan , Although it ranks among the top in sales data TOP10, But it mainly depends on the impulse of low-end models . The price of the Great Wall Euler black cat is 10 All the , Agatsuma MINI EV And running E-star It is mainly aimed at 3-4 Ten thousand yuan market . From the perspective of new energy profitability and brand improvement , These independent brands still need to do a lot of work .

The joint venture still focuses on plug-in and mixing A Class a pure electric household car has become a blank in the market

Different from independent brands actively embracing pure electricity , Even in the face of such an obvious trend of electrification , The joint venture manufacturers represented by German brands still follow suit , Whether it's the public 、 Midrange brands like ge , Or BMW 、 Luxury brands such as Porsche , Both take plug-in hybrid models as the main force to enter the new energy market . Although these auto companies have issued quite radical new energy strategies , But the elephant who missed the first opportunity turned , It must not be that easy .

Data sources : Wilson monitors

Japanese brands are more sluggish , Except FAW Toyota , There are no other Japanese car companies in the new energy industry TOP10 There are roads in the . This is similar to the low fuel consumption of Japanese models , The R & D direction is more focused on oil electric hybrid technology and future hydrogen energy technology , The pressure of the domestic double score policy is not large, which is related to other factors .

Ambiguous attitude of joint venture brands , It gives independent brands and new forces of car making the opportunity to occupy the market share first , Independent brands seize the low-end market , New forces occupy a share of the high-end market . And in the 15-20 Million in the mid market , It should have been the main battlefield for joint venture brands , At present, there is a blank . Xiaopeng auto launched this year P5, Take the lead in entering this price range , Weilai also once announced that it would launch a sub brand for the middle end , The mid-range market may become the key to the competition between various forces in the future .

At the end : After new energy vehicles are gradually accepted by the market , The next challenge of the new energy vehicle track will not be limited to the product side , It's a channel 、 Pattern 、 Competition in all aspects of Technology . From the product side , The new forces will move from the past “ Make the cake bigger together ”, Gradually began to change the close fight in each market segment ; technical , Who can be in the battery capacity 、 First breakthrough in charging speed , Who can advance to a new level in automatic driving technology earlier is the key to success or failure ; On the channel , Tradition 4S How should mode and direct mode coexist , It will be a problem that traditional car companies will continue to explore next ; There is also a large-scale promotion of user-oriented power exchange mode …… These problems will be put in front of traditional car enterprises and new forces one by one .( writing / ATV The old gun )

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