Fish and bear's paw? Prospect of P5 new car of Xiaopeng automobile

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fish bear paw prospect p5

[ Car home  ]  In the past 7 month , Xiaopeng Automobile Co., Ltd G3i and P7 The first monthly delivery of the two models exceeded 8000 platform , Continue to sit firmly in the top three of China's new power brands . What makes Xiaopeng automobile especially happy is , Xiao peng car P7 With 7 Monthly delivery 6054 The achievement of a , continuity 3 It broke the monthly delivery record of the model in the last month . Look at Xiaopeng's car P7 The best seller of , Xiaopeng automobile has reason to believe , Their third model (|)( Hereinafter referred to as Xiaopeng P5) Will be the next blockbuster .

from 4 It was first released on the eve of the Shanghai auto show in June , To 7 In June, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao officially released the pre price , Xiao peng P5 It is undoubtedly the most important project of Xiaopeng automobile this year . Jiang Weizhong, deputy general manager of Xiaopeng auto product planning department, said “ Xiao peng P5 No benchmarking models ”、 Li Pengcheng, vice president of Xiaopeng automobile, said “ This car needs to run a lot ”. So Xiaopeng P5 What kind of car is it , Whether there is no opponent as Xiaopeng said , To be popular ? Today, let's talk about its market prospect .

Quickly understand the key points of this article :

1. Xiao peng P5 Pre selling price range 16-23 Ten thousand yuan , expect 9 Official listing ;

2. Key selling points : Laser radar 、 City NGP And intelligent living space ;

3. At present, the pure electric compact market is not optimistic , Xiao peng P5 Opportunities and challenges coexist .

Xiao peng P5 Self cultivation of walking quantity

16-23 Is it cheap or expensive ?

Let's first look at the price , After all, if you want to be a blockbuster , People friendly prices can often get twice the result with half the effort .

16-23 As soon as the pre-sale price of 10000 comes out , People who think it's too expensive and worth it , In fact, both sides have their own reasons . In the current pure electric compact car market , The price range of most models is 10-20 Between ten thousand , Dare to cross 20 Wandaguan model Fengmao Lingjiao , Including Chinese brand and overseas brand models . Xiao peng P5 The pre-sale price range directly raises the average value in the market to a higher level , That's why people who think it's expensive .

Xiao peng P5 There is something that other models can't give , The allocation of science and technology is even higher than that of Xiaopeng P7, Top with less than 25 ten thousand , Isn't it fragrant ? This is the view of people who think it's worth it .

Appearance highlights : New look + Laser radar

Speaking of Xiao Peng P5, The most interesting nature is lidar .

The centimeter level high-precision ranging through lidar can help Xiaopeng P5 Realize the city NGP(Navigate Guided Pilot Autonomous Navigation driving function ), City + High speed NGP, This makes the automatic driving assistance function a big step forward , Even more than Tesla . However, it is still some time before we actually experience how powerful this function is , before this , Xiao peng P5 The important role is , Make the lidar sound close to the people , Promoted its popularity .

In addition to lidar , Xiao peng P5 Adopted X ROBOT FACE Modeling concept , It not only continues the family characteristics, but also has its own style , Different people have different opinions about whether it's good or not . At the first sight, I feel less amazing than Xiaopeng P7, But it's pretty impressive , And it fits the universal aesthetic , I feel that its audience age can range from 20-50+ Years old, full coverage , Bi Xiaopeng P7 A lot bigger .

Some data information about appearance , Xiao peng P5 The length, width and height are respectively 4808/1840/1520mm, The wheelbase is 2768mm. Drag coefficient 0.223Cd, Bi Xiaopeng P7(0.236Cd) lower . The other is the lidar placed on the left and right sides of its high configuration model , except 2 A lidar , also 12 An ultrasonic sensor 、5 Millimeter wave radar 、13 A high perception camera and 1 A set of sub meter high-precision positioning unit .

Interior highlights : High-tech + A hundred times smart space

Lidar is as dazzling as the absolute superstar in the team , But Xiaopeng P5 It's not just two lidars . From the known configuration , Xiao peng P5 The whole series is equipped with Xiaolong as standard SA8155P Car chip 、Xmart OS 3.0 System 、15.6 Inch full touch screen 、12.3 Inch gauge panel 、 Full scene voice 、Xpeng The sound system 、 Driver's seat 6 Electric adjustment 、1.493�O Panoramic canopy roof and first equipped heat pump air conditioner, etc . Abandon the traditional concept of cost performance , At least for now, its intellectual price ratio ( Intelligent price ratio ) It's still very high , I think this also supports Xiao Peng P5 The starting price exceeds 15 A very important point .

The hundred times intelligent space is Xiaopeng P5 Another killer mace of , Its biggest feature is to move the bed into the car , Application scenarios include a short lunch break 、 Camping in the suburbs 、 In car overnight and in car movie entertainment, etc 5 Big picture , Give full play to the quiet of pure electric vehicle 、 Energy saving and environmental protection . Although at present, its practical application scenario still belongs to low-frequency demand , But considering its progress in intelligent driving assistance , When automatic driving is gradually popularized to unmanned driving in the future , How to make full use of the interior space ? Xiaopeng car has been at the forefront .

It is worth mentioning that , Except for the top 600P Beyond the model , Intelligent sleep space is optional , And the basic configuration G The optional option is not supported for this model . The smart sleep space package includes upgrades NAPPA Leather seats 、 Lord / Passenger seat headrest 、 Lord / Passenger seat heating 、 Driver's seat ventilation 、 Front passenger seat boss button 、 Lord / Put the front passenger seat flat with one button 、8 Speaker sound system 、 Sleep suit ( Include Air The cloud pillow is *2、Air Cloud sensing speed filling mattress and fitted sheet 、Air Memory cylinder Pillow *4) And smart fragrance and so on . Besides , If you like the movie viewing suit ( Including Xiao Peng X Polar meter Car custom ultra clear projector 、45 Inch car screen 、 Vehicle mounted projector fixing frame ) Or car smart refrigerator , Also need to spend money alone (8000 element ) Retrofitted .

Extended reading :

Power and endurance are no longer magic weapons to win

In the first two years , Many new energy vehicle enterprises like to make performance and endurance bigger and stronger as their selling points . for example “ Speed up ” Less than 5 second 、 Endurance breakthrough 700km wait , Xiaopeng automobile is no exception . But back to Xiaopeng P5 Look at , Xiaopeng seems to have returned to rationality , Xiao peng car P5 The whole system is equipped with a maximum power 155kW, Maximum torque 310N・m Drive motor . There is no official 0-100km/h Speed up data , But refer to Xiao Peng G3i Of 8.6 second ( The most powerful 145kW、 Maximum torque 300N・m) If you get good grades , Xiao Peng is expected to P5 The acceleration time should be 7.5s Up and down .

Endurance , Xiao peng P5 Provide 3 A choice , introduction 460km life , Pick up the 55.9kWh Lithium iron phosphate battery ; And then there is 550km and 600km life , Respectively carry 66.2kWh and 71.4kWh Three yuan lithium battery . There are plenty of choices , The whole is above the middle level in the same level .

Xiao peng P5 Market prospect of

Market demand is not optimistic ?

Previously, my colleagues conducted in-depth research on the new energy market , Data show that , At present, there is a serious polarization in the new energy market , It's a miniature / Small and medium cars / Large and medium-sized cars have good market performance , However, compact pure electric vehicles are generally not ideal , This is just the opposite of the situation in the fuel vehicle market .

The area delineated by the ellipse contains 4 A compact model and 1 A small car , except AION S outside , The sales of other compact cars are in 15 After the name

You can see , At present, there are three embarrassments of compact cars in the electric vehicle market , First, there are few popular models , Second, the average single car sales are low , Third, the private consumption market has not been really opened , If not for the accommodation of the travel market , Sales of compact electric vehicles will be even worse . Why did this happen ?

Personally think that , Whether it's a fuel car or a pure electric car , The compact car market is the choice that best meets the current consumption level and travel needs of Chinese people , But the plate is so big , The popularity of the fuel vehicle market will naturally squeeze the market of new energy vehicles . in addition , The development of new energy vehicles in recent two years also affects consumers' consumption concept , Part of the “ High end ” Consumers are more willing to try new things , Therefore, it has driven the development of medium-sized enterprises / Medium and large pure electric vehicle market ; And the other part of the people mainly need to travel , miniature / The low cost of small cars + High appearance can meet their needs ; So the relatively regular compact pure electric vehicle suddenly doesn't smell good .

Xiao peng P5 Will be the Savior ?

Before new energy vehicles become the first choice for consumers , If you want to change the current situation of the market , I'm afraid we have to break the rules to attract the attention of consumers , Xiao peng P5 Just to meet this . It is the first time for a new car manufacturer to enter the field of pure electric compact vehicles , Bring internet thinking to the compact car market . Although we can't predict how big a storm it will cause , But it's really the best player to change the current decline in the compact car market .

No benchmarking model = No competition ?

Besides the market is not optimistic , Xiao peng P5 Also face the test of competitors . Although the official said Xiaopeng P5 There is no benchmarking model , On the whole, this sentence is not a problem , After all, on the whole , Open to booking 16-23 In the price range of 10000, it is difficult to find a model in the same level that can match it . But if you split it up , There are still competing models .

Xiao peng P5 Total launch 6 models , From the new naming method, it is also good to understand the product differences , The number in front represents the range , Letters after (G/E/P) It represents its intelligent level . The specific term ,G This model is not equipped with the hardware foundation required for intelligent driving assistance , In addition, the appearance is not equipped with through type LED Waiting and intelligent interactive light language function ;E This model is equipped with XPILOT 3.0 Required hardware foundation , Standard configuration XPILOT 2.5 function , Optional XPILOT 3.0;P This model has dual lidar , Optional upgrades are available in the future XPILOT 3.5.

460G/550G Potential competitors :AION S Plus

As an entry-level model , Xiao peng P5 Of 460G/550G The model is expected to sell at 15.XX-17.XX All around , This price range just falls in the high configuration models of most pure electric compact cars . Take gac-e'an, which has a high sales volume in the market, as an example , Its 6 New in June AION S Plus The overall selling price range is 13.96-17.26 Ten thousand yuan , In the same price range AION S Plus The endurance is 510km and 602km Two models , Technology configuration can also achieve L2 Level intelligent driving, etc . Xiao peng P5 Without obvious advantages , How to improve the competitiveness of entry-level models , In addition to the smart price ratio advocated by Xiaopeng automobile , Don't ignore the impact of cost performance on consumers .

460E/550E potential “ competition ” rival : Xiao peng G3i

460E/550E The level of active driving has been able to compete with Xiaopeng P7 par , Support high speed NGP 了 , This makes it difficult for it to find competitive products in the same level . But Xiaopeng G3i Just at 7 In January, it completed the transformation, upgrading and listing , A total of 4 models , Price range: 14.98-18.58 Ten thousand yuan . Xiao Peng is expected to P5 Of E The price of this model will be higher , Maybe in 18.XX-20.XX Between . When the overall configuration level and price are similar , Xiao peng P5 Or Xiaopeng G3i? This is a problem , But fortunately, this is the problem of Xiaopeng's own home , If you can be like Tesla Model 3 and Model Y like that “ both ” That's not better .

550P/600P Potential competitors : tesla Model 3

550P/600P The expected price range is 21.XX-23.XX ten thousand , I thought I could just avoid Tesla Model 3 The price of , But just 7 End of month , tesla Model 3 The entry-level model has been reduced again , He pushed the threshold down to 23.59 Ten thousand yuan . There is still a certain gap in brand influence , When the product level is the first level , How can you not be defeated by your opponent “ Bully the small with the big ”, Future Xiaopeng P5 Whether it can compete with Tesla with powerful technology configuration and interior texture after listing Model 3 It's also a big point ..

Xiao peng P5 Order status of

In Xiaopeng P5 After opening the pre-sale , made 7 Hour order break 5000 The achievement of a , This achievement is still very convincing , And a little unexpected , Here 5000 Among multiple orders , The proportion of models equipped with dual lidar exceeds 70%. There is no denying that , Most of the initial order results were contributed by Xiaopeng's fans , However, we can still see that they are interested in Xiaopeng P5 The product power of is very recognized , In particular, the attraction of lidar is really not small . however , How to attract new consumers , It's Xiao Peng P5 Key topics after listing .

Some final questions

Before going public , Xiao peng P5 The static strength of has been displayed incisively and vividly , I believe that consumers who pay attention to it also have a certain number in mind . However, according to the comments in the previous article , Xiao peng P5 The use of torsion beam independent suspension is still controversial , Therefore, its dynamic performance is also concerned by many consumers , After all, 20 About 10000 models , The driving quality can't be broken . in addition , Its core selling point ――XPILOT 3.5 You also need to upgrade the software function in the future to experience , Its city NGP How high the function will reach is also very expected and curious .

Full text summary :

  To recall 2020 Years ago , There's only Xiaopeng here G3 When a product , Maybe Xiaopeng car is still a strange name for many people , Even the practitioners in the auto industry dare not guarantee that Xiaopeng automobile will become the top three car enterprises with new forces of Chinese brands in the future . Until Xiaopeng P7 Appearance , Xiao Peng's car finally became famous , But until this year 7 month , The monthly sales of the two models exceeded... For the first time 8000 platform . Such sales figures do not seem to match Xiaopeng's reputation , therefore , A new car that can walk is also imperative .

Xiao peng P5 It was born with a mission , The official definition is “ Versatile and comfortable smart sedan ”, It's a long name , But also Xiaopeng P5 The selling points of our products are displayed incisively and vividly . Multi purpose interior space + comfortable + A smart family sedan , Will it be a torpedo to change the pattern of the new energy market ? Let's look forward to the market performance of new cars after they are launched .( writing / Car home Guo Chen )

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