Enjoy the first special asset support plan issued by road travel

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enjoy special asset support plan

[ Car home ]  8 month 4 Japan , SAIC Group's mobile travel strategy brand enjoy road travel announced , The first special asset support plan “ Enjoy the way 1 Number ” Successful release , The financing scale is 5 One hundred million yuan , Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 、 Several well-known institutions, including China CITIC Bank, oversubscribed , Priority subscription multiples up to 3.05 times . The funds raised by the project will be used for the scale expansion of enterprise travel business 、 Upgrading of production and research and implementation of innovative projects , Help enjoy road travel to further develop the enterprise travel service market .

As a mobile travel strategic brand of SAIC Group ,2020 end of the year , Enjoy the road trip has completed more than 3 One hundred million yuan A Round of strategic financing , Jointly invested by Alibaba and Ningde times ;2021 year 6 month , Enjoy road travel officially launched strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud . at present , Enjoy channel travel has been started B Work related to round of financing . Besides , Enjoy the Tao program in the future 3 Landing in the domestic capital market within the year , Strive to be the first vehicle enterprise background travel service platform listed in the domestic capital market .

at present , Road sharing travel has gathered 3000 Million users , Its sub brand road rental business focusing on enterprise travel has covered domestic 154 Cities , Over service 2000 Enterprise users , Including more than 300 Top 500 enterprises . It is reported that , Enjoy the road and travel in 2020 By the end of the year “ Full scene intelligent travel complex ” Platform upgrade , Covering four main businesses :

1. High quality special car service platform “ Enjoy the road ”―― Provide security compliance for individual users 、 Efficient and comfortable online car Hailing quality travel service ;

2. Enterprise travel service operators “ Enjoy road car rental ”―― Provide efficient services for enterprise users 、 Convenient car service , One stop solution to the problem of difficult management of enterprise vehicles , Help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement ;

3. Full time sharing car rental platform “ Enjoy time and rent ”―― Provide flexibility for individual users 、 Personalized car rental service , The service is provided by SAIC's online full-time and full scene car rental service platform EVCARD Provide ;

4. Apply for a trip ―― Enabling Shanghai Taxi unified platform through technology “ Apply for a trip ”, Covering taxi business . New news about enjoying road travel , We will continue to pay attention .( writing / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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