Mid 2021 inventory: luxury brand market pattern analysis

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inventory luxury brand market pattern

[ Car home  ]  In recent years , If we take a look at the data kernel , You will find that China's car market rises and falls anyway , The rising trend of the luxury market can remain high . First half of this year , The market share of new car sales of domestic luxury brands has increased to 19.28%, The breakthrough 2 initial . The strong rise of luxury brands , Pull with brand effect , It is also driven by consumption upgrading . So what luxury brands 、 Which luxury models are more popular ?BBA Can't the iron triangle really break ? Car house in this issue 《2021 Mid year inventory 》 The series offers you the competitive drama of luxury brands in the first half of the year .

The mid year inventory of Chinese brands has been launched :

The growth rate of luxury brands is significantly ahead of the overall car market , It has become the norm in recent years , from 2017 Year begins , The total sales volume of new cars in China has declined year after year , Luxury brands can continue to rise against the market , Go through the incremental era and enter the domestic car market in the stock era , The growth space is extremely compressed , But luxury brands can find unique room to rise in the cracks .

2021 In the first half of , Cumulative sales of domestic luxury brand new cars 203.4 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year increase to 40.02%, Leading the overall auto market by nearly 8 percentage , Continue to show high “ Fighting spirit ”. meanwhile , The proportion of luxury brand cars reached 19.28%, Compared with the same period last year 1 percentage , The breakthrough 20% The gateway of .

20% What is the concept ? Compare this number : The market share of all Chinese brand cars is 36.79%; Compare these two numbers : Mercedes Benz and BMW now have more market shares than 4%, At present, the market share of Chinese brands exceeds 4% There are only three of them : Geely 、 Changan and Wuling motors ; Mainstream foreign brands , Only Volkswagen and Japanese Sanjie have more market share than BMW , Others are all suppressed by it .

Which luxury brand is YYDS? Who killed Cheng Yaojin halfway ?

According to the market size , At present, luxury brands can be divided into three echelons , No doubt the first echelon BBA La .YYDS If there is one , Then it must be BBA 了 ; The second echelon is that the sales volume exceeds... In half a year 10 Ten thousand , There's Tesla 、 lexus 、 Cadillac and red flag 4 A brand . Third echelon , Basically super luxury brands , and “ Mix in ” Ordinary luxury brands , It's basically difficult to survive in the Chinese market .

therefore , The following list is basically not in suspense .

First half of this year , BMW brand is based on 44.9 The result of 10000 vehicles won the first prize , Year on year growth in sales 38.4%, Whether it's growth or sales volume , Both are higher than the two strong rivals of Mercedes Benz and Audi . Last year's luxury brand champion Mercedes Benz was in 5 It has not lost to BMW until January , however “ Core missing ” Limited Mercedes Benz's production capacity , Daimler group is not optimistic about the chip crisis , Foresee that difficulties will continue until 2022 year . So this year's luxury brand sales crown , Probably BMW .

therefore , The best performing brand in the first half of the year : It must be awarded to BMW with strong quantity and potential . And the worst luxury brand , It's Infiniti and Acura , They are the only two ordinary luxury brands whose sales fell year-on-year , Infiniti's sales in the first half of the year 8059 car , Less than the same period last year 37.39%, Acura sold for half a year 3805 car , fell 28.64%.

BBA The iron triangle has opened its territory in the Chinese market for more than ten years , Has won the domestic luxury car market for nearly 7 Market share achieved , The share in the overall car market also exceeds 12%. No one “ Can cure ”BBA Did you? ? Let's take a look at the best cars sold in the first half of the year , There may be some clues ―― Who killed Cheng Yaojin halfway ?

Which luxury brand cars sold best in the first half of the year ?

Go straight to the mountain list , We'll take a mixed arrangement of levels this time ( If you want to know the ranking of each segment , Please pay attention to our 《 The picture shows the car market 》 series ).BBA Almost swept the top ten popular models , BMW 、 audi 、 Mercedes Benz has three models on the list ,“ barbarian ” Tesla also likes to mention one , And also ranked No 4 position .

BMW 3 Tied to 10.2 Ten thousand cars won the championship , At the same time, it is also the only sales breakthrough in the first half of the year 10 10000 luxury models , And the year-on-year growth rate has reached a staggering goal 65.38%! audi A6L With 9.5 The result of 10000 vehicles won the second place ; The third runner up is still from BMW , BMW 5 The sales volume of the Department in the first half of the year reached 9.0 Thousands of cars . so , BMW can win the championship in half a year , BMW 3 The department and the 5 The Department has made outstanding contributions .

BMW 3 system : Medium sized cars have been sold for half a year

BMW 3 Its direct competitor is Audi A4L And Mercedes C level , In terms of half a year , Both are similar to BMW 3 The Department has a sales gap of more than a month . But these gaps don't seem to catch up so well , Because from the car home complaint platform , audi A4L Due to abnormal noise 、 Shake and so on , Users have a lot of dissatisfaction ; Mercedes C The first stage is trapped in the vortex of rights protection because of engine failure , They recruit a lot of black for themselves , This makes BMW 3 It doesn't matter that the cost performance of the system is not high , If Audi 、 Mercedes Benz doesn't pay attention to user feedback and after-sales service , It is likely to further widen the sales gap with BMW .

Mercedes C level : The sales volume of medium-sized cars in the first half of the year 6 name

Audi ranks second in the list of luxury models A6L, Its core competitive product is BMW 5 Series and Mercedes Benz E level , Among them, BMW 5 Department and Audi A6L The bite is tight , The half year gap between the two is only 0.5 Thousands of cars ; Mercedes E The performance of grade 1 is slightly inferior , With 7.7 The result of 10000 vehicles ranked ninth ,“ Core missing ” And higher prices , Let it catch up with BMW 5 There are some difficulties in the system .

audi A6L: Medium and large cars have been sold for half a year

The fourth ranked player is Model 3, Accumulated sales in the first half of the year 8.5 Thousands of cars , Record sales in China , Break through and enter the fourth place in the sales list of luxury models . This player should not be underestimated , Because Tesla is considering cost control and seizing market share , Frequently offer the killer mace of reducing prices , Hold the sharp weapon of price reduction and unlimited travel ,Model 3 Our sales are increasing .6 month Model 3 The sales volume of has reached 17017 car , Only BMW surpasses it 3 Series and audi A6L 了 ,7 month 30 Japan Model 3 Down again 1.5 Ten thousand yuan to 23.59 Ten thousand yuan ( Price after subsidy ), Its sales volume is expected to reach a new peak in the second half of the year . Have a guess , BMW 3 system 、 audi A6L and Model 3, Who can take the lead in achieving a monthly sales volume of more than 2 ten thousand ?

Model 3: The sales volume of medium-sized cars in the first half of the year 5 name

In the first 11-20 In the list of , Tesla, too ,Model Y This year, 5 The month and 6 In January, the sales volume exceeded that of Audi at the same level Q5L,27 The price of more than 10000 plus the green card , Make its monthly sales quickly break through 1 ten thousand , At present, it can reach this scale in the luxury car market , There is only a BBA I'm in charge . meanwhile , Based on Tesla's flexible market pricing and marketing strategy , We predict , The next player to enter the top ten luxury models is likely to be Model Y.

Model Y: Listed for half a year , From selling more than a thousand cars a month to breaking ten thousand , It only took 2 months

The first 11-20 There are two Chinese luxury brands on the list ―― Red flag car , Among them, the red flag HS5 stay 6 The sales of the month reached 9790 car , More than BMW X1, The red flag H5 Our monthly sales volume also exceeded 5000 car . however , The red flag is not advanced in the regional market structure , At present, the main line and the city line are the second line , Sales in first tier cities are not high .

The red flag HS5 2019 paragraph 2.0T Zhilian flag collar version

Let's take a look at the level market segments . Although to sell more cars 、 Make more money , The luxury brand market has sunk in recent years , However, the dominant position of luxury brands in the medium and high-end market is still very obvious , This is also the natural attribute of luxury brands . such as ,88.9% Medium and large car market 、54.29% Medium and large SUV The market is dominated by luxury brand cars , And the large car market , It's even more impossible to pour water into ,100% All luxury brands . remember : The high-level flagship model is a necessary product configuration for luxury brands , Some brand analysis later will involve this .

Finish the car , Let's look at the performance of several typical brands in the first half of the year .

Iron triangle BBA Of “ The good and the bad ”

BMW 、 Mercedes 、 Audi's market share in the first half of the year was 4.26%、4.19% and 3.82%,BBA The iron triangle has always been just a competitive situation one after another , Especially Mercedes Benz and BMW , Basically take turns . But Mercedes Benz from 5 The month began to decline month after month , The reason is that Mercedes Benz is more seriously affected by the lack of chip supply than BMW .

Can BMW remain the champion of the year ? In the first half of the year, the Mercedes Benz brand only focused on 7000 The narrow gap between multiple vehicles ranks second , Year-on-year growth 26.33% to 44.2 Thousands of cars . This gap , In the past, at this time point in the year , It's not worth mentioning . But Mercedes Benz is not optimistic about the improvement of chip supply , BMW said when it recently released its second quarter results , So far, I have been relatively less affected by the global chip shortage , And attributed to its close relationship with the supplier base . therefore , Mercedes Benz will regain the first place in the second half of the year , Pressure is not small .

Audi's sales in the first half of the year reached 40.3 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 33.7%, Rank third , Behind Mercedes Benz 3.8 Thousands of cars , This gap is not so easy to catch up with , In fact, Audi has been at the bottom of the iron triangle for many years .

Speak with real car sales . The following list shows the first half of the year BBA Competition in each market segment . Obviously , Mercedes Benz is “ Cart King ”, Its position at the level of large vehicles is unshakable , Audi is a little embarrassed .

Mercedes S level : Large car benchmark , Replaced BMW in the first half of the year 7 Become pin crown

In this list, imported and domestic car lines are subdivided , In fact, if you are a centralized Manager , Will change , For example, BMW. 5 If imports and domestic products are counted together , You can achieve 97956 car , With the audi A6L( Plus imports, a total of 98033 car ) The gap is only 77 There are... Cars , With the brand appeal of BMW , It should be easy to surpass . And Audi Q5L The biggest threat to comes from Model Y,5 The month and 6 The moon is overtaken by it .

The industry has begun to guess BBA Who can take the lead in annual sales in the Chinese market 100 Ten thousand cars. , It doesn't matter ,BBA There has never been a simple life and death competition between .2021 year ,BBA The sinking of the market will continue in depth through product layout and pricing , To gain more market share , At the same time, their electrification began to speed up , BMW iX、i4 Mass production version 、3 It's a pure electric version , Mercedes EQA、EQB and EQE, audi e-tron、 audi e-tron Sportback Will be listed or localized . Although their electrification started late , New energy vehicles are not selling well , But in the short term, its iron wall like market barriers are difficult to shake .

however , Being hard to shake doesn't mean you can't shake , Lexus with steady play 、 Cadillac, the two old opponents of the second tier, are difficult to threaten them , The crisis lies in the rapidly rising upstarts , Like tesla .

Amazing Tesla and the red flag that still needs refueling

Tesla is a luxury brand , Someone may be emotionally unacceptable , But it has sports cars 、 There are medium and large cars , The attribute of luxury brand has been the consensus of the automotive industry .

In the first half of the year, Tesla made great achievements in the Chinese market 13.2 The result of 10000 vehicles ranked fourth , Year-on-year growth 162.9%, It is the luxury brand with the highest growth rate among the top ten . And according to Musk's plan , Tesla will rely on Model Y、Model 3 Two popular models , In addition, flexible pricing and marketing strategies , Rapid sales expansion , Join the million sales club as soon as possible , China is one of Tesla's core markets , Must carry a large sales volume KPI, Stretch to 3-5 Year to see , Tesla is likely to take the lead in breaking BBA The iron triangle of China .

according to Experian New car registration data , Tesla in 2020 More than Audi , Become the fourth largest luxury brand in the U.S. market , And gradually close to the top three BMW 、 Lexus and Mercedes Benz . But in the Chinese market , Tesla will take time to catch up with Audi , After all, we don't have many products , have only 2 car . As for other models , Musk has said ,Model S It will not be made in China in the near future , future 3 year , Tesla's Shanghai plant will focus on Model 3 and Model Y On .

Another noteworthy thing is the red flag from China , In the first half of this year, the red flag was 11.1 The result of 10000 vehicles ranked seventh , Year-on-year growth 84.2%. The red flag comes from 2019 Year breakthrough 10 After ten thousand ,2020 Challenge annual sales again 20 Thousands of cars , All achieved their goals in people's incredible attention ceremony , and 2021 The annual red flag will challenge the annual sales 40 Thousands of cars , If it can be realized , You can be the leader of the second echelon this year .

The red flag H9: Some cities have the highest sales , But the volume is not big , The total sales volume in the first half of the year is only 12654 car

According to the previous plan of red flag , Its 2022 The annual sales target is planned to exceed 40 Thousands of cars 、2025 year 60 Ten thousand and 2030 year 80-100 Thousands of cars , Now 40 The sales target of 10000 vehicles was advanced to 2021 year , Then the remaining goals are expected to be advanced in turn , It also means that if we can achieve , The red flag may also break through BBA Pattern , Break into the first tier of luxury brands . however , Red flag's current problem is , The proportion of sales in the first and second tier cities is not high , This is contrary to the overall regional market structure of luxury brands .

Cadillac and Lexus “ Four character brother ” The competition for

In the second tier luxury camp , Lexus and Cadillac “ Four character brother ” The brand is the most attractive . A pure import , One has been made in China , Tied with different market strategies . First half of this year , Cadillac sales 11.85 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 45.56%, The increase outperformed the luxury brand as a whole ; Lexus sales 12.3 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 27.03%, Rarely, it has not risen over the luxury brand as a whole .

Data as proof ―― Except for the special 2020 Beyond the year , The sales volume of Lexus in the Chinese market basically increased by 20% Upward ,2019 The annual increase has reached 28.1%, The overall car market was 3.7% Negative growth . The luxury car market rose in the same period 10% A little more . Look at their product camp .

Lexus has... In the Chinese market 5 This car is on sale , But mainly by ES The amount of a car , Its sales account for half of the brand's sales ,2019 Since, the average annual growth rate has been as high as 44.7%. lexus ES In the medium and large car market , remove BBA Three of , Just Lexus ES Our monthly sales volume can exceed 10000 , and ES Monthly growth rate , Most will exceed BBA Three brothers . There is no discount for a dime on a terminal 、 Even increase the price 、 Waiting for a second-line luxury brand car , It's amazing .

lexus ES: No. 4 in the list of medium and large cars in half a year

Cadillac , Authentic American luxury brand , Become a second tier in the Chinese market , This is quite a pity . The root cause of Cadillac's brand image decline , It's not about cutting prices (BBA Also drop ), But because the positioning of the whole product system is not high , Launch CT4、XT4 While waiting for entry-level products , Ignoring the launch of large flagship models , The product has not moved to a higher end market

This year's Cadillac star model CT5 Sales momentum continues to rise , Achieve continuity 8 Months of super double digits, positive year-on-year growth , Cumulative sales in half a year 28962 car , The cumulative year-on-year growth 120%. The helpless point is , Consumers often compare it with BMW when choosing a car 3 Series and audi A4L contrast , But the landing sales are far from it , What's the problem ? Is it really the hedge rate ?

Cadillac CT5: Performance configuration 、 Price conscience , Monthly sales have not exceeded 6000 car , unfortunately

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As a whole , The performance of luxury brands in the first half of the year was not different from what we expected , The only unexpected possibility is Tesla . Despite Tesla's momentum , But we should compete in the total number of brands BBA, It's a little bad . Time is a good thing , It depends on the competitive dynamics 、 The evolution of the competitive situation , Only by lengthening the timeline will we find more mysteries . The next big market , I'll see you at the end of the year .( writing / Car home Wang Jingbo )

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