Low production capacity of iron brand and paper temporary brand in Washington, USA

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low production capacity iron brand

[ Car home Che Ku Wen Hua ]  Affected by the epidemic ,2021 In, too many products entered a state of shortage ―― Medical supplies 、 chip 、 Various parts …… This time, , It is an iron license plate popular with car owners in the United States .

  The license plate size of each state in the United States is long 12 Inch 、 high 6 Inch , The iron license plates in many states have added local patterns and contents , Some states also introduce license plates that allow users to customize for specific events or goals , Famous universities in some states will also launch their own license plates , It can be seen that a distinctive license plate is of great cultural significance in the United States .

Although it sounds a little absurd , But in Washington State , Production slowed down due to the epidemic , Such important iron license plates are beginning to be in short supply , Relevant departments have to start issuing temporary paper licenses , And restore the production of iron license plates by various means .

In terms of validity , The validity period of paper temporary license for passenger cars in Washington State “ Only ”60 God , This makes consumers who buy new cars have to wait for the supply of iron license plates to resume , To change into your favorite personalized license plate .( writing / Car home Jiao long Picture from the Internet )

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