Changed color super run unique blue Ferrari F40 auction

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changed color super run unique

[ Car home Che Ku Wen Hua ]  Ferrari was founded to commemorate the brand 40 Anniversary of the , stay 1987 year ~1992 The flagship super run was launched during the year (|). This historic and legendary car has made a total of 1311 car , The car has only one color ―― Ferrari Red (Rosso Corsa).

The auction is a car 1989 Blue Ferrari F40, The car was originally registered in Switzerland ,2004 It was sold to Japan in .2010 Before and after, it was refitted by a famous brand Liberty Walk Convert to LM specifications , And painted with white paint .

4 After year , the F40 And sold to England , The current owner decided to return it to the original specification , But the appearance changed to blue . The modification work is carried out by Carrozzeria Zanasi be responsible for , The brand starts from 1964 Started working with Ferrari in , At present, he has participated in the classic car repair project of Yuema , And responsible for Ferrari F12 TdF and LaFerrari And other special models .

the F40 A special blue paint is used , You can't see this color on any original Ferrari , Because it is based on Porsche's water blue metallic . Because of its uniqueness , This car is blue F40 Received a lot of invitations to fashion shows and exclusive events .

allegedly , This Ferrari F40 The condition of the car is very good , Its 478 horsepower 2.9 L twin turbine V8 The engine was last repaired this year 6 month , The mileage at that time was 25975 km . Final , The car 100.05 Thousands of pounds ( renminbi 898.28 ten thousand ) The price of the transaction .( writing / Car home Li Yiwen Picture from the Internet )

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