Classic continues overseas 400 HP Renault 5 modified car

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classic continues overseas hp renault

[ Car home Car cool culture ]  As we all know, in the face of strict emission regulations , Carmakers are preparing to phase out internal combustion engines , But not all hope has disappeared , Today, let's look at this modified 80 Classic models of the s ―― Renault 5 Turbo 3, abbreviation R5 T3.

Turbo 3 Retained the crazy mid engine layout . Its custom-made body is mainly carbon fiber , To keep the weight low , And has been widened to accommodate larger 16 Inch front wheel and 17 Inch rear wheel , There are two different styles to choose from .

R5 T3 Replace the original old bulb with LED, At the same time, it retains the clear appearance of its predecessor .C In column “ Air curtain ” It's right A salute made before . The rear end has an extended red roof spoiler , This red trim panel is also used in the rearview mirror 、 Wheel center and A column .

The double exhaust pipe is installed in a custom two-piece rear diffuser , It complements the angular design .Turbo 3 Adopt front and rear double wishbone suspension , There is no doubt about the performance orientation .

The cabin retains the less is more layout , But the analog dial is replaced by an all digital dashboard . The striking orange decoration on the outside continues to the inside , It has been applied to vents and door straps and the redesigned two spoke steering wheel with minimalist design .

Turbo 3 Equipped with dual zone air conditioning and ultra-thin seats , Equipped with racing safety belt . Behind them is the roll cage on the top of the engine compartment , Turbocharged four cylinder engine can produce 400 Horsepower .

The traditional system is equipped with sequential transmission or new manual transmission ( It depends on the supplier ) To the rear wheels , Replace the original five speed manual transmission . Details of the engine have not been disclosed , But we are told that it is a modern power system , As expected for a complete repair project .

During the six years of the model's launch , About 1,820 Car Renault 5 Turbo 1( as well as 3,167 car Turbo 2), This means that the car has a limited audience . How many car owners will pay remains to be seen , I hope these modified classic cars will remain young forever .( compile Car home Luo Hao )

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