Changyou landscape Rolls Royce push dark night style travel 5-piece set

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changyou landscape rolls royce push

[ Car home Che Ku Wen Hua ]  Rolls-Royce Black Badge Advanced custom series , since 2016 Since the advent of , Have owned (|)Black Badge、 Phantom Black Badge He Yaoying Black Badge Three family members . In recent days, , Rolls Royce for Black Badge The model is exclusive to build Black Badge Edition leisure luggage series .

Rolls-Royce Black Badge This edition of leisure luggage series consists of five pieces , Include 48 Hour weekend travel bag 、24 Hour weekend travel bag 、 Portable travel bag 、 Tote bag and storage bag , It is made by hand , And made of top leather 、 Soft canvas and new material ―― The material is inspired by curinan Black Badge The first high-tech fiber used in the interior . A variety of top materials , Make this series of bags feel soft and comfortable , The shape is more scientific and technological .

The customer can be Black Badge Choose a variety of colors for leisure bags , These include Black Badge The striking avant-garde color matching of the model , Or low-key luxury color matching . meanwhile , Everything Black Badge The rest bags come with a piece Black Badge A series of metal nameplates with symbolic infinite symbols , And use exquisite contrast color piping , Its color can also be customized by customers .

Whether it's business travel , Or enjoy the scenery , Rolls-Royce Black Badge This edition of leisure luggage series can freely highlight the unique taste . It's like creating Rolls Royce , This elaborate new series of luggage is also designed by Rolls Royce 、 A model work with materials and workmanship at the top level . This series of bags can be ordered separately , You can also buy five sets together , The five piece set starts at 22075 pound .( writing / Car home Li Yiwen Picture from the Internet )

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