Both sides have the right to take their heavy road test drive mingjue 6 Pro

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sides right heavy road test

[ Car home ]  10 About 10000 yuan for family cars , If you want to have both fish and bear's paw , In itself is an unrealistic thing . So in the face of consumers with more and more comprehensive demand , A product still needs to ensure basic needs , Just add more bricks and tiles , Otherwise, the gains may not be worth the losses . Today's test drive (|) Pro, I think it's a very clear product .

Because we just had a field test drive of this car two weeks ago , So don't say much , The focus of this article naturally focuses on this road test drive . We will drive from Shanghai Anting to Suzhou , The entire 100 Multi kilometer distance , Covering urban roads and highways , It's also a more comprehensive experience .

The power system is still equipped 1.5T+7DCT The combination of , Engine output 181 horsepower , Peak torque 285 cattle ・ rice ,7 The speed dual clutch transmission supports functions such as rapid downshift .

The power take-off can't find too many problems , It belongs to the type with fair strength and smooth output , The standard mode is basically driven in the city, and it is enough to meet the needs of drivers , Of course, if it is the state of full output , It is also the characteristic of many small displacement turbocharged vehicles , Strength comes and goes quickly , General stamina . The response speed of the accelerator pedal is quite positive , Not a very thief type , It doesn't take much adaptation .

The gearbox embodies the characteristics of the dual clutch gearbox , Shift speed is smooth and fast , For the intention of the driver, the response speed is in place , I used one here “ Relatively in place ” To describe , Basically in the upshift action , The machine 7 The performance of the two speed clutch gearbox can't find any problems at all , As for the feedback of downshift action , Despite the rapid downshift mechanism , But continuously 2-3 Fast downshift action of one gear , There will still be some hesitation . But compared with some Chinese brands 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , But it's much better .

Press... On the steering wheel SUPER SPORT Key , The vehicle switches to sport mode , There are several main changes : First of all , The vehicle's instrument enters sport mode , The multimedia system opens the quadruple data table , Let the driver see more dynamic information ; second , The vehicle enters sport mode , The transmission is switched to S block ; Third , The exhaust valve is open .

So the key to these three elements is the latter two , First of all, it is inevitable that the response of power output is more positive than the standard mode , But the power output in this mode has not become very neurotic , I think it's more positive than the standard model 20% The degree of left and right . In addition, the timing of gear up of the transmission will be slightly delayed , It will be more related to the accelerator pedal , So the shift action will be more related to the action under your feet , In short, this mode will never make you feel that the vehicle is too divided , It's normal to use one at ordinary times .

The exhaust looks like two sides, two in total , In fact, there are two exhaust holes on both sides of the exhaust pipe that will work when the valve is opened , So in essence, it should be regarded as a bilateral total of four exhaust . As for exhaust noise , After the valve is opened , The engine speed is 2500rpm There will be obvious exhaust sound above , The overall sound has some texture , But the biggest feature is when you step on the accelerator deeply , Every time I shift gears, there is a crisp sound of shooting , It can be regarded as an atmosphere adjustment when driving this car .

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