BYD Hefei project with an annual production capacity of 400000 vehicles has been put on record

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byd hefei project annual production

[ Car home  ]  recently , According to the official website of Changfeng County People's Government of Hefei City, Anhui Province , The high-end core parts project of new energy vehicles of Hefei BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. has been completed in 8 month 2 Japan 、3 Filing completed on . In accordance with the plan , BYD will have 40 Production capacity of core supporting parts of 10000 new energy vehicles , It is reported that , The project will be in 8 Construction starts at the end of the month .

According to the announcement content information , The project covers an area of about 3918 mu , New factory building 26 Block 、 Fire pump room and underground water pool 3 individual 、 Comprehensive station building 2 Block 、 oil depot 、110KV Power station 、 Departure shed 、 Shipping Center 、 Hazardous waste warehouse 2 individual 、 Hazardous chemical warehouse 2 individual 、 Waste bin 2 individual 、 Logistics Centre 、 Comprehensive office building 、 Three canteens 、 Guard 4 individual 、 Recruitment center 、 Garbage station 、26 A shift building 、 Wastewater treatment area, etc , About 230 Ten thousand square meters .

New motor 、 Electronic control 、 High voltage harness and electric assembly 、 Engine assembly 、 Engine cylinder block 、 Production process of brake assembly and other core parts , Build public and auxiliary facilities such as public power equipment and pipelines in the plant , Purchase assembly line 、 Press 、 Welding machines and other equipment , After the project is completed, it will have 40 Production capacity of high-end core supporting parts of 10000 new energy vehicles .40 Million core supporting parts .

This year, 7 month , Hefei BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. was incorporated , Legal representative: he Zhiqi , The registered capital 10 RMB 100 million , The scope of business includes : Automobile parts and accessories manufacturing ; New energy vehicle sales ; Sales of electric accessories for new energy vehicles ; Research and development of auto parts, etc . The company is owned by BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd 100% holding . It is also understood that , The total investment of the project completed this time 60 One hundred million yuan , In the future, we are mainly engaged in new energy battery cells 、 Manufacturing of core products such as modules and related supporting industries .( compile / Car home Guo Chen )

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