The 2021 New York auto show was cancelled due to the outbreak of the epidemic again

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new york auto cancelled outbreak

[ Car home ]  In recent days, , We learned from overseas media that , Because of repeated outbreaks , Originally scheduled for 8 month 20 The opening day ( Media day was originally scheduled 8 month 19 Japan ) Of 2021 The New York Auto Show will be officially cancelled . at present , The New York Auto Show will be tentatively scheduled for 2022 It recovered in the spring of , But it also needs to be judged in combination with the epidemic situation at that time .

Mark, President of the New York Auto Show ・ In a statement, simberg said , The rapid increase in epidemic cases across the United States has changed the plans of many people across the country . In the United States, the Centers for disease control reports 7 month 30 There are... In the United States 10.5 Ten thousand new cases , All cases have soared in recent weeks .

stay 7 At the Chicago Auto Show in mid June , Fewer new car releases , The New York auto show had planned to gradually restore the number of new cars . Besides , Nissan and Subaru plan to introduce their latest performance machines to the world , New Z New WRX. Hyundai also plans to show its new Elantra to American buyers in New York for the first time N Sports car . However, all this has ended because of the epidemic , The specific release date of these new cars still needs to be confirmed by the official .( writing / Car home graduation )

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