Rich choice space Beijing modern kustuguan map released

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rich choice space beijing modern

[ Car home  ]  8 month 5 Japan , We got the brand-new information from Beijing Hyundai official MPV―― Kuxtu's official map . With the further liberalization of the new fertility policy , A car can do more than 、 Focus on the travel of large families MPV The market is a resurgent market , With the release of the car getting closer , I believe it will become an odyssey in the future 、GL8 competitors .

  aesthetic , The front face design of the new car integrates perceptual motion and parametric design elements , Diamond cut front grille , Create an atmosphere and exquisite beauty . meanwhile , Its grille matches “ inosculate as a whole ” Headlight set , Make the new car look more fashionable . Besides , The new car also adopts a three-stage air inlet design , Thus, the sense of motion of the car is appropriately improved .

The side of the body is designed with smooth lines , With the wheel rim with a great sense of hierarchy , The visual effect is outstanding . It is worth mentioning that , According to the official , The car adopts electric sliding door configuration , Its opening width reaches 715mm, Convenient for members to get on and off . meanwhile , The car is equipped with remote adjustment functions of CO driver and second row seat , Seat angle adjustment can be realized , And there is a one button relaxation mode , It can give consideration to the ride comfort of each family .

In the tail , The new car adopts the popular through tail lamp group , To the left and right and to the inside , So as to create a richer sense of visual hierarchy . meanwhile , The car also uses a large area of black decoration at the rear , Match with the silver guard below , The overall texture has been well improved . In terms of new car size , Its length, width and height are respectively 4950/1850/1734mm, The wheelbase is 3055mm. Good model size ensures practicability , Effectively enhance the warmth of family Travel 、 A sense of quality . Besides , The car will also be equipped with an electric tailgate 、 Back row conversation mode 、 Indirect circulating air outlet, etc , Further enhance the ride experience .

According to the official , The car has 262L The rear compartment space , Storable 6 individual 20 Inch suitcase , There is also a magic folding space that can pave the third row of seats , Further improve the storage function of the vehicle . motivation , The new car will be provided by Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd 1.5T( model G4FS) Shandong Hyundai Weiya Automobile Engine Co., Ltd 2.0T( model G4NN) Two engines , The maximum power is respectively 170 Horsepower and 236 horsepower .( writing / Car home Zhouyi )

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