Stellantis group announces financial results for the first half of 2021

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stellantis group announces financial results

[ Car home ]  In recent days, ,Stellantis The group announced 2021 Financial performance in the first half of the year . data display , The group's financial performance was strong in the first half of the year , The profit margin is 11.4%, The group will 2021 After adjustment in, the operating profit margin increased to about 10%, Net revenue reached 753 Billions of euros , growth 46%; Adjusted operating profit (“AOI”) by 86 Billions of euros , The profit margin is 11.4%; The group's profit margin in North America reached a record 16.1% The implementation of synergies started well ,2021 In the first half of, about 13 Net cash synergies of € billion , The industrial free cash outflow is 12 Billions of euros , This reflects the negative impact on the group's working capital caused by the reduction in production due to the shortage of semiconductor chips , This impact offsets the positive net synergy, and the industrial available liquidity remains strong , achieve 514 Billions of euros .

Regarding this ,Stellantis Tang Weishi, CEO of the group (Carlos Tavares) Express :“ I want to Stellantis All employees of the group would like to express their sincere thanks , Their high attention to operational excellence and synergy execution enabled the group to achieve very strong financial performance in the first half of this year . While achieving excellent business performance , The group has also made significant progress in the deployment of software and accelerated electrification , This has laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the group's strategy .”

Besides , The group also announced its future strategic development direction . In terms of electrification strategy : The group will move forward at full speed , some time 24 Within months 11 A pure electric car and 10 A plug-in hybrid model ; stay 2021 By the end of the year , Launch a series of pure electric light commercial vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell medium-sized trucks in Europe ; It has been announced that in Italy Termoli Establish the third seat of the group “ Super factory ”; stay 2022 By the end of the year , The port of Ellesmere, England (Ellesmere Port) The factory was transformed into the group's first factory specializing in the production of pure electric vehicles . The group will also work with Archer Cooperate in the research and development of flying cars ; And Engie EPS Cooperate to develop fast charging station network .

in addition , Record profitability in North America ,2021 In the first half of ,Ram The retail sales of the brand in the global and U.S. markets reached a record .2021 year 3 Month launched Jeep These horsemen 4xe Become 2021 The best-selling plug-in hybrid model in the United States in the second quarter of 2004 . With the upcoming luxury models Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer,Jeep Expanding market coverage .

Europe , Independently achieve carbon dioxide emission compliance ,2021 In the first half of , The group is in Europe 30 The overall market share of China has increased to 23.1%, And 34.4% Its market share ranks the leading position in the light commercial vehicle segment of the market .2021 In the first half of , Peugeot brand in Europe 30 The overall market share of China is 7.1%, The second .2021 In the first half of , Opel Corsa It is the best-selling model in the segment where the model is located in Germany and the UK ;2021 In the first half of , Fiat brand occupies a leading position in the Italian auto market , Its 500e The models are at the top of the list of urban electric vehicles in ten European countries .

Other areas ,2021 In the first half of , The group has a leading position in the South American market , The market share has reached 23.6%, among , Fiat Strada Become the best-selling model in Brazil ;2021 In the first half of , The group has a market share of... In the Middle East and Africa market 11.9%, Promoted 30 BPS .

Another thing worth mentioning , Maserati has also gradually returned to profitability .2021 In the first half of , The adjusted operating profit reached 2900 Thousands of euros , Increased market share in all key markets .

Last , The group is also right 2021 In, the industry as a whole made a prospect and forecast , The expected growth rate of the North American auto market is from 5 Predicted at the beginning of the month 8% Rise to 10%, The group's forecast for other regions is similar to that of the group 5 The forecast released at the beginning of the month is consistent : South American auto market growth 20%, The European auto market is growing 10%, Middle East and Africa auto market growth 15%, India and Asia Pacific Auto market growth 10%, China's auto market is growing 5%( notes : The forecast is Stellantis The group's forecast of the overall macro prospect of the regional automobile market , Not for Stellantis Forecast of the group's sales performance in this market ).( Source :Stellantis The group ; compile / Car home graduation )

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