Entering a new stage, massive data cooperates with BYD

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entering new stage massive data

[ Car home  ]  recently , We learned from the authorities that , BYD joins hands with massive database Vastbase The launching ceremony was held at BYD's Shenzhen headquarters . It means , Huge amounts of data Vastbase The deployment and application of database in BYD Group officially began .

This massive data Vastbase At the landing of BYD , It marks that the cooperation between massive data and BYD in the field of database technology has entered a new stage , Massive data provides BYD with database products and technical support , It will also work with BYD on massive data Vastbase The innovative application in the field of domestic high-end manufacturing will be explored more widely .

Massive data will take this strategic cooperation as a new starting point , Stick to openness 、 cooperation 、 Concept of symbiosis , Give full play to the core advantages of independent database research and development , Join hands with our partners to empower the digital transformation and upgrading of various industries . future , Massive data will continue to be deeply cultivated in the field of domestic database , Help more enterprises realize the localization of database .( compile / Car home Xue Lian Zhang )

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