Some configurations of the new Geely Binyue launched in August were exposed

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configurations new geely binyue launched

[ Car home  ]  8 month 5 Japan , We obtained from Geely's official website the information created by its modular architecture ―― The new (|) Configuration information of vehicle model . New cars will increase RPA Remote parking 、AEB Urban pre collision system 、ELKA Lane emergency avoidance 、 Vehicle FOTA Upgrade, etc. . As a mid - term change model , It is aimed at appearance / The interior has been greatly upgraded , And in 8 In the listed .

aesthetic , The new car is Geely with technology 4.0 Time “ Energy storm ” Inspired by design . Details , The new car uses a borderless grille with an exaggerated three-stage air inlet below , dynamic . meanwhile , New cars will carry LED Rhythmic headlights , Regular light show will be produced when unlocking , Strong sense of technology .

Look at the side of the car , It adopts the design method of double waist line , To some extent, it lengthens the visual effect of the car , The convex lines above the wheel arch create rich light and shadow effects on the body surface . In the tail , The new car adopts a double-layer three-dimensional spoiler with upper and lower layered design ( Be commonly called : Tail ), Both optimized aerodynamic performance , It also has a strong sense of movement . meanwhile , The official said that it would continue to use a bilateral total of four , This is in the small SUV It's definitely a very rare and bold design .

interiors , Its overall shape follows a simple route , But the movement of a large number of lines outlines a strong sense of hierarchy . The specific term , The car uses Alcantara Sports seats made of , Meticulous workmanship brings intuitive high texture , A large number of soft materials in the center console are fused with matte metal wire drawing panels dotted with color lines , Further strengthen the quality experience of the new car .

『SLIF Intelligent identification and reminder of traffic signs 』

『AEB Urban pre crash safety system 』

configuration , The new car will be equipped with ICC Intelligent navigation system ( The camera uses Mobile eye EQ4 chip , Horizontal field of view up to 100°, When traveling, it can detect more targets ahead and identify them accurately and timely , stay 0-150km/h In full speed range , Realize automatic following, stopping and turning )、SLIF Traffic sign recognition function ( Able to identify 10 A road traffic sign , Avoid speeding 、 Violations, )、APA Intelligent parking ( Equipped with 12 Radar and 4 Camera , Have a level 、 vertical 、 There are three parking modes for oblique parking spaces )、RPA Remote parking function ( One button control of parking by mobile phone outside the car , Complete automatic window closing after parking 、 Flameout, etc )、 Vehicle FOTA upgrade 、ELKA Emergency avoidance system ( Where the road edge deviates from the auxiliary function , When the collision risk at the edge of the road is detected , The electronic power steering system provides steering control to prevent collision ; The auxiliary function of road solid line deviation correction detects that the vehicle has the risk of deviating from its own lane , Prevent vehicles from crossing the solid line ; The oncoming assist function detects the collision risk of oncoming vehicles , The electronic power steering system provides steering control to prevent collision ) etc. .

『APA Intelligent parking 』

meanwhile , The car will also carry AEB&AEB-P Urban pre crash safety system ( stay 5km/h-150km/h Within the scope of , Automatic detection 、 Identify rear end collision and collision hazards , And automatically intervene in full braking )、 Upgrade panoramic image to 540° Panoramic images ( stay 360° Add... Based on the image 180° Chassis perspective function )、 intelligence 360° Car recorder ( The data of front, rear, left and right directions of the vehicle can be recorded at the same time , The vehicle speed can be adjusted 、 Real time recording of steering and other driving information ).

Besides , The new car will also be equipped with E02 Geely Galaxy platform OS System , Its hardware computing power , New car is equipped with E02 Digital intelligent cockpit platform ,12nm Manufacturing process ,CPU Computing power is improved compared with the previous generation 3.3 times , Faster computation 、 More responsive 、 More smooth operation , collocation 12.3 Inch center control large screen , The interaction experience is better upgraded . meanwhile , Geely galaxy OS The system adopts brand new UI Interface design . It is worth mentioning that , The new car will also carry T-BOX Remote control function , Vehicle owners can App Turn your cell phone into a vehicle key , Start the vehicle remotely anytime, anywhere through the mobile phone 、 Check the vehicle 、 Control vehicles, etc 85 Features , Realize the interconnection between mobile phone and vehicle . At the same time, it can also support applet sharing , Realize one key key sharing, etc .

motivation , New cars will be provided 1.4T Four cylinder turbocharged engine and 1.5T A three cylinder turbocharged engine , The maximum power is respectively 141 Horsepower and 177 horsepower , The peak torque is respectively 235 cattle ・ Rice and 255 cattle ・ rice . Transmission in , And 1.4T The engine matches 6 Speed manual transmission and 6 Fast wet double clutch gearbox ; And 1.5T The engine matches 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox . More about new cars , We will continue to pay attention .( writing / Car home Zhouyi )

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