The modified version of Dongfeng Fengxing T5 Evo will appear on August 10

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modified version dongfeng fengxing t5

[ Car home ]  In recent days, , Dongfeng Fengxing officially announced , its (|) The modified version will be available on 8 month 10 Official appearance . before , stay 2021 Shanghai Auto Show , The official brought a popular T5 EVO Thunder model , The model adds a fierce air force kit in appearance , Individual character is dye-in-the-wood . We expect , This appearance “ New modified car ” Or will it be based on popularity T5 EVO The modified model of thunder .

『 popular T5 EVO“ New modified car ” Forecast chart 』

At present, according to the official notice map , The overall style of the front of the new car has not changed much , However, a large front lip design is adopted under the vaguely visible front surround , The upturned flanks on both sides give a more sharp visual effect . Besides , The new car still uses a split headlamp group , Match the front air grille with big mouth style , The shape is unforgettable .

Besides , According to another tail preview , The new car will be equipped with a very handsome roof spoiler , The middle is also equipped with three banners of high-level brake lights , The tail lamp adopts the popular through design , High degree of identification .

『 popular T5 EVO Thunder version 』

『 Wide body details 』

It is worth mentioning that , Look carefully at the front and rear of the trailer , We also found that the front and rear fenders of the new car have been made in a wide body shape , The size of the wide body is very large , Compared with the thunder model displayed at the Shanghai Auto Show , The shape is more exaggerated , I believe that the overall visual effect of the real car will bring us a great shock .

As for the interior part , There are no more pictures at present , But since it's a modified car , I believe it will be equipped with bucket racing seats and other modified accessories . Power system , It is expected that the new car will be consistent with the ordinary version , carrying 1.5T Turbocharged four cylinder engine , The most powerful 197 horsepower , Maximum torque 285 cattle ・ rice , The driveline will match 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .( writing / Car home graduation )

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