From 28800 pre-sale, punk Duoduo officially opened the pre-sale

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pre-sale pre sale punk duoduo

[ Car home  ]  8 month 5 Japan , We learned from punk officials , Punk car is the second new car of midola family ―― Punk Duoduo officially opened pre-sale , It has launched 3 Product configuration , The pre price range is 2.88-3.98 Ten thousand yuan . meanwhile , The new car is expected to be in 8 Listed within months . Details about the pre-sale price of new cars , See the table below :

Punk Duoduo Open to booking a price
models Open to booking a price ( Ten thousand yuan )
Liangduo 2.88
Leduo 3.28
Kuduo 3.98

meanwhile ,(|) The pre-sale channel is divided into online and offline parts , Online part , Customers can pay attention to Punk's official wechat applet to order , For the offline part, you can go to the dealer's store to scan the code and participate in , Just pay 9.9 You can enjoy the value by ordering RMB 8888 yuan 9 A big gift for buying a new car : Including fine decoration 、 Financial car purchase 、 Auto insurance allowance 、 substitution ( Buy more ) subsidy 、 Share the list 、 Road rescue 、 No worries after sales 、 Brand partner and priority to pick up the car , There are also opportunities to gain value 3000 Yuan's supreme lucky gift bag , And the free car purchase rights of the largest Award .

aesthetic , The overall design of the new car is mellow , The body shape is small . The specific term , The black trim strip on the front face of the new car is connected with the headlamp , In conjunction with the closed front grille below , High degree of identification .

Look at the side of the car , The new car adopts a two-color body design , In line with the current fashion trend . In the tail , The overall design of the rear of the car is similar to that of the front , The round and vertical tail lamp group is matched with the polygonal license plate area , It's chic . In terms of model size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 3325/1500/1588mm, The wheelbase is 2275mm.

The interior still continues the round design idea , Combined with red + Black color matching , The details are decorated with white and chrome plated elements , Create a young interior atmosphere . Besides , Dual spoke steering wheel with embedded central control LCD screen and suspended LCD instrument , The visual effect is very simple . Seat layout , The new car uses 5 door 4 A layout . According to the official , The rear seats inside the new car use “ Can be flush with the floor ” Efficient folding , So as to improve space utilization , The volume of the rear storage space reaches 987L.

motivation , The new car will carry a maximum power of 39 horsepower (29 kw ) Drive motor , The maximum torque is 110N�qm. Match lithium iron phosphate battery , And provide 10.3KWh and 14.5KWh Two rated capacities . Its NEDC The endurance ranges are 128km and 170km. Besides , The official vehicle warranty is 3 Years or 10 Thousands of kilometers ; The warranty period of the battery pack is 8 Years or 12 Thousands of kilometers . More information about new cars , We will continue to look forward to .( writing / Car home Zhouyi )

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