Limited to 2500 Lexus RX black line

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limited lexus rx black line

[ Car home  ]  Successive 7 Launched in January (|) L Black Line Version model , And limit 495 Behind the stage . In recent days, , According to overseas media , Lexus will launch... For the North American market 2500 platform RX Black Line Version model , among 2100 Gasoline models , in addition 400 This is a hybrid vehicle . expect RX 350 Black Line The starting price is 49450 dollar ( About the yuan 31.97 Ten thousand yuan ) about , and 450h AWD The starting price is 52150 dollar ( About the yuan 33.71 Ten thousand yuan ) about .

lexus RX Black Line The version is the same as the previous RX L Black Line The same exterior decoration upgrade is adopted for the new model , Including the change of black China open 、 Black exterior rearview mirror 、 Black front bumper 、 Black badge 、20 Inch black rim and black rim nut, etc . In terms of body color , The new car will be available in Pearl White and Caviar Black .

Come into the car , The overall interior of the new car still adopts black as the main color , Even the wood decoration is black , The combination of light tone chrome decoration makes it luxurious and sporty . motivation , New cars will be provided RX 350 and RX 450h Two models , Respectively carry 2.5L Engine and 3.5L V6 The engine + A hybrid system composed of motors .( writing / Car home Guo Chen )

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