This M2 is not an ordinary Asian flying man Su Bingtian's car for sale

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m2 ordinary asian flying man

[ Car home Che Ku Wen Hua ] At the Tokyo Olympics , Su bingtianyi 9 second 83 My performance broke the Asian sprint record ! immediately , a “ Su Bingtian's car is for sale ” Information about , It has been wildly reproduced on major platforms .

From the information on the network picture , This car is blue (|) The licensing time is 2016 year 12 month , The current mileage exceeds 5 Thousands of kilometers . The seller claimed that the car was owned by Su Bingtian , The condition is “ Original paint ”, And equipped with four new Michelin tires , When buying a car, they also give away modified parts .

And in BMW M2 In the Post Bar , You can also find a post about Su Bingtian selling cars . This information is published on 2020 year 9 month , According to the landlord's description , This blue BMW M2 It's su Bingtian's personal car , Hang Hangzhou license plate , At that time, the mileage of the car was insufficient 3 Thousands of kilometers , The condition is “ Touch up paint on both sides ”, offer 45 Ten thousand yuan .

It's hard to tell whether the information on the network is true or false , This BMW M2 If it was su Bingtian's car , In its breaking 100 M Asia records node releases sales information , Presumably, the seller hopes to get a higher market premium through the celebrity effect . And Su Bingtian, an associate professor of the University and a flying man's father , People think he's selling M2 What kind of car would be better to change after ?( writing / Car home Li Yiwen Picture from the Internet )

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