Really coming? It is said that Tesla plans to build compact cars

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really coming said tesla plans

[ Car home  ] In recent days, , According to overseas media , Tesla's new compact car may have made substantial progress , It is not ruled out that it has built a prototype vehicle , It is planned to test produce by the end of this year . The price of the new car is expected to be in 2.5 Thousands of dollars ( About the yuan 16.16 Ten thousand yuan ) about , Or name Tesla Model 2 or Model Q, It will be produced at Tesla super factory in Shanghai .

But it's worth mentioning , Foreign media revealed that the information came from the microblog of a domestic netizen , However, at present, there is no relevant information under the netizen's microblog , So will Tesla launch a ( Or two ) Compact car , Let's wait patiently for Tesla's official news . Are you looking forward to 20 Tesla less than 10000 ? Please leave your comments in the comments area .( writing / Car home Guo Chen )

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