In the era of internal rolling, automobile enterprises are in an arms race and launch gearbox free hybrid, "bccq" takes the lead

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era internal rolling automobile enterprises

The double integral pressure is increasing , Points are getting more and more expensive , The cost of producing fuel vehicles is increasing day by day , How to solve this problem? Each major car enterprise has its own route , For example, Hongguang of SAIC Group, which makes little money at low prices mini EV, GAC got Toyota and Honda a shell changing car , There are also new energy models under major brands , Almost all of them lose money and earn money just to earn points , After all, points are getting more and more expensive , Buying points is really not easy to build a car , But this is not the solution , Because according to the regulations , There will also be restrictions on fuel consumption of fuel vehicles in the future , Depending on the vehicle weight, there will be fuel consumption , All car companies want to continue to produce cars with internal combustion engines , We must reduce fuel consumption , The best way to reduce fuel consumption is to use the hybrid system .

In this regard, BYD is definitely at the forefront , Byd in 08 The first generation hybrid system was launched in , It's on board F3-DM On , This system is viewed from the current perspective and technological development route , It's quite advanced , But there was no corresponding demand in the market at that time , Plus the more expensive price F3-DM It didn't form a considerable sales volume, so BYD sealed the technology .

here we are 2014 BYD Qin Hengkong was born in , Qin represented BYD's hybrid route in those years ,E6 Represents a pure electrical route , It is the leader of new energy vehicles in China . BYD Qin of this generation carries BYD DM-2.0 technology , The most famous technology is 543 Concept ,5 Accelerate in seconds 、4 Wheel drive ( The tang dynasty 、 Song )2L The fuel consumption within makes everyone remember BYD's hybrid , But the second generation DM Technology goes in the direction of performance rather than low fuel consumption , Contrary to the new energy view , Later, DM-3.0 Technology came out BSG When the motor is loaded, the fuel consumption further decreases, and the performance is not missing .

But it came 2021 Two years later, BYD released a report that shocked the car industry DM-i technology , Low price 、 Ultra low fuel consumption 、 Green card policy 、 Ultra long pure electric life supporting fast charging 、 And the core of this technology —— Independent of charging point . With the blessing of these technologies ,DM-i Many consumers can't stop .

In fact, BYD is not the only one staring at this market , The Great Wall 、 changan 、 Chery and other brands have released similar DM-i Transmission less hybrid system , GAC used Toyota's hybrid technology , Honda takes its own i-MMD Magic changed to something like BYD DM-i The plug-in hybrid model . The plug-in hybrid technology without gearbox is the best way to solve the integration and fuel consumption online at present , Before the full transition to the era of pure tram , Hybrid will become the mainstream power .

all “BCCQ”( BYD 、 The Great Wall 、 changan 、 chery ) It can be regarded as the leader of plug-in hybrid without gearbox in China , We talked about BYD above , Next, let's talk about the Great Wall 、 changan 、 Chery plug-in hybrid technology , These three companies are all rising stars in this field , Released at BYD DM-i Later, he also took out his own hybrid power system developed for many years .

The representative hybrid technology of the Great Wall is lemon hybrid DHT technology , It is from 1.5L/1.5T Special hybrid engine 、 Fixed shaft gearbox 、 Integrate DCDC、GM/TM Double motor , And a dual motor controller " Seven in one " Oil electric hybrid system . Compared with BYD's constant speed gearbox, great wall adopts two-stage gearbox , It can take care of both high-speed section and medium speed section , Of course, this is caused by the insufficient power of the motor , After all, BYD's motor has more advantages . In addition, this system not only has PHEV There are also versions HEV edition , Ensure the advantages of new energy and reduce the fuel consumption of fuel vehicles .

Changan blue whale iDD This year, hybrid technology has also gradually moved towards the public perspective , By high-performance blue whale engine 、 High efficiency blue whale electric drive transmission 、 Huge capacity PHEV The battery 、 Composition of intelligent control system ., Its technical route is similar to BYD , Completely eliminated the gearbox , There is no two speed gearbox similar to the Great Wall , Low fuel consumption and fast acceleration , The charging pile can drive 2.2 Ton class SUV models , With BYD DM-i Technology is similar .

Technology house Chery is also making efforts in the hybrid market , Recently, three models based on Kunpeng hybrid platform have been launched continuously , They are Xingtu LX、 Tiggo or dingle 8PLUS、 Rapid way X70PLUS Of PHEV hybrid , All three cars use PHEV A technical model , It is also the first batch of Chery Kunpeng hybrid models . At Toyota THS、 Honda i-MMD、 BYD DM、 The Great Wall DHT、 geely CHS2.0 Wait for a crowd to mix , Chery has bypassed technical barriers through technology research and development , Successful patent application , This is already a great fact . Kun Peng DHT use " Dual motor drive " Hybrid structure matching multiple gears . Can be realized 9 Working mode ,11 Multiple gear combinations, which cannot be achieved by other hybrid models , In the future, Kunpeng hybrid will become the mainstream power of Chery .( writing / ATV Haoyang )

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