A list of interiors of medium and large luxury cars. Whose interior style can make the boss pay for it?

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list interiors medium large luxury

For many bosses , Large and medium-sized cars of luxury brands are often the first choice to buy their own cars , After all, they have a certain face 、 It's also more comfortable to sit , And occasionally able to meet business needs , One partner after another . In that case , For such a luxury medium and large car , A good interior design must be essential , So now in the mainstream medium and large luxury cars on sale , Whose interior design is more luxurious , It can be more in line with the aesthetic and preferences of the bosses ? Today we'll take stock of .

audi A6L

audi A6L The interior adopts the design concept of three screens , The style is very simple 、 With a sense of Technology 、 The materials are also excellent , It's impossible to find fault .10.1 Inch central control screen and 8.6 Inch air conditioning screen is standard for the whole system ,Alcantara The combination with leather is very good both in touch and visual effect . The steering wheel is impeccable in both grip and size , It's also more harmonious , It belongs to the interior atmosphere with a sense of science and Technology .

Mercedes E level

Mercedes Benz on sale now E Level is the medium-term modified version , Therefore, the overall design is still a continuation of the previous generation of Mercedes Benz S level . The luxury texture of this set of interior decoration is definitely the leading in its class , The advanced feeling brought by dual screens is also difficult to find an opponent , Plus the blessing of multi-color atmosphere lamp , A strong nightclub wind also came to my face , It's hard not to be excited .

BMW 5 system

Cash BMW 5 The interior of the BMW is still very , The most intuitive change in the sales model is the change of outfit 12.3 Inch center panel . Of course , Full version iDrive7 The system is functional 、 According to the effect 、 The running speed is impeccable . It's just , The largest slot point may be a synthetic leather seat , Although the comfort is still excellent , But it doesn't feel as good as real leather . Therefore, the sense of luxury is not as good as Mercedes Benz E level , Bosses may not like .

porsche Taycan

porsche Taycan Our design not only inherits the essence of family design , There are also breakthroughs in some details . On the whole , The interior design looks simple 、 Strong sense of technology and luxurious atmosphere , With solid materials and exquisite workmanship , It is generally in line with the aesthetics of the vast majority of users .

The red flag H9

The red flag H9 The interior design adopts a surround layout , Extending from the cover “ Central axis ” All the way to the central armrest of the rear row . The design of many elements inside the carriage is also unique , The whole reflects “ alternate tension with relaxation , Combination of hardness and softness ” The way of neutralization . Besides ,H9 The overall interior gives people a very deliberate and grand sense of luxury , The large area of leather covering and the exquisite treatment of details also show the due level of this car . Have to say , This is the high-quality luxury car that should belong to us in China .

jaguar XFL

Jaguar, which has just undergone medium-term transformation XFL It adopts a surround design , At the same time, the new car also cancels the automatic turnover air outlet on both sides , Change to hidden design , Then it is wrapped with transverse wood grain veneer and leather . in addition , New three spoke steering wheel , The modeling also has a sense of science and Technology , The double roller operation mode is added , Make it more convenient to use . The air conditioning control area adopts LCD screen design , Looking back, it adopts the only one in the world 49 Face crystal electronic shift lever , overall , The modified Jaguar XFL The interior is more luxurious and technological , It's an eye-catching interior design .

Janice Seth G80

The concise design style is the most direct feeling given to users by Genesys , The whole is also a modern luxury atmosphere . As an executive car , Janice Seth G80 The materials and atmosphere are very good , Solid wood 、Alcantara、Nappa Leather is used , add 14.5 The inch multimedia screen also supports touch operation 、 The display effect is also good , So it's also a bonus . Last , The knob in the shift area also looks exquisite , The whole shows a luxurious atmosphere , Personally, I don't think I lose BBA models .

Cadillac CT6

Cadillac CT6 The overall interior design layout is the familiar American embracing design style , The overall style of matching wood grain and leather is still very “ American luxury ”. But I had to make complaints about it. ,CT6 The exterior and interior colors are too single , It also lost many potential customers . Of course , Cadillac CT6 The attribute of is to locate the business crowd , Therefore, it is reasonable to say that this set of interior design can still meet the needs of those bosses .

lexus ES

Lexus is an old hand in creating a luxurious atmosphere , lexus ES Naturally . Soft materials are all within reach , The interior has a strong sense of hierarchy . The leather wrapped steering wheel feels extremely good , The grip is also very suitable . Coupled with exquisite workmanship and rich color matching , Overall, it also creates a classical and luxurious atmosphere , For older bosses , This kind of interior decoration should be more desirable .

Lincoln continental

I didn't choose the materials for the interior decoration in mainland China , It focuses on serving your feelings , Give your luxury brand due respect . The center console is also dominated by straight lines , There are also three different materials and color matching themes , Highlight the warm home atmosphere . Besides , Use of large area wood grain materials , It also improves the overall sense of design , Although it looks a little old-fashioned , But some bosses still like this calm interior atmosphere , Suitable for some people to start .

Volvo S90

S90 The interior design is simple and refreshing , The materials and workmanship also show the due level in addition to this level , This is also a unique presence in the car interior . Besides , The center console of the lowest configuration model does not use leather wrap , But it doesn't look bad . Solid wood veneer with silver trim , The whole carriage is also luxurious and fashionable . General statement , Volvo S90 The interior is North European home style , For those who pay attention to their families , This interior should be very pleasing .

Last , For this 11 The interior design of a mainstream medium and large luxury car , Who do you think can move your heart more ? After watching the , Do you have the impulse to pay for it ? Leave a message below , Let's talk about .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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