Three luxury medium and large SUVs are on sale, the range rover sports has dropped by up to 220000, and the luxury car is close to the people?

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luxury medium large suvs sale

Luxury medium and large SUV With its domineering appearance and large interior space , It has been liked and recognized by many successful people all the time . In business, we will also see , Many bosses don't drive BMW X5 It's Audi Q7、 Range Rover , It can be seen that the bosses are interested in the medium and large-scale of a luxury brand SUV How much I like .

Now , With the increasingly fierce competition in the traditional fuel vehicle market and the rapid rise of new energy vehicles , A lot of luxury, medium and large SUV Now they are also becoming close to the people . For those rich people , If we can save more than 100000 expenses , It's always a big expense . therefore , Luxury cars are really close to the people ? Now let's take a look at the medium and large luxury SUV At present, it has a great discount .

The first paragraph , Cadillac XT6

The guided :39.27-55.27 Ten thousand yuan

Maximum margin of preference :7.2 Ten thousand yuan

XT6 It is a medium and large-sized... Launched by Cadillac SUV, Due to the Cadillac launched earlier XT5、XT4 Achieved no small success , So Cadillac struck while the iron was hot and launched XT6 models . To own as one 6 seat 、7 Seat optional SUV,XT6 The size of exceeds 5 rice 、 Wheelbase reached 2863mm, Plus its square body shape , So it gives people the feeling that the aura is sufficient , It looks like hundreds of thousands of luxury cars , It is also very suitable for bosses .

Power on , Cadillac XT6 It's carrying one 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 237 horsepower , Maximum torque 350 Cattle meters , It's also equipped with 48V Light mixed system . The transmission is a matching one 10AT transmission , The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is about 11L about . But here's the thing , Cadillac XT6 Need to fill 95 Number of gasoline , This is also due to the characteristics of its luxury car . in addition ,XT6 Equipped with timely 4WD system , Therefore, it can also cope with some driving on non paved roads .

price , Cadillac XT6 The guide price is 39.27-55.27 Ten thousand yuan range , As a luxury medium and large SUV, Such a price is not expensive . in addition , at present XT6 Have... At the terminal 7.2 The highest discount of 10000 , After the offer, it's almost just 33 All s , So friends you like might as well pay more attention to .

In the second paragraph , audi Q7

The guided :68.88-83.88 Ten thousand yuan

Maximum margin of preference :8.72 Ten thousand yuan

If Audi Q5L The size of the is not big enough 、 Not enough aura , So Audi from imported Audi Q7 It should be able to meet the needs of all bosses . In appearance , audi Q7 Size ratio of Q5L It's a big circle , At the same time, the design of details is more exquisite . On the size , audi Q7 The length, width and height of 5067/1970/1731mm, The wheelbase is 2996mm, Proper medium and large SUV, It is also the source of its sense of atmosphere .

The interior is Audi's latest dual screen design , With a strong sense of science and technology, the materials and workmanship are also very solid . Seat layout , audi Q7 It's also the whole department 7 Seat design , In this way, it also ensures a large space . Power on ,Q7 Provide 2.0T and 3.0T Two dynamics are available , Transmission matching 8 Self - contained gearbox , And the whole system is equipped with full-time 4WD system as standard . Besides , Although Audi Q7 No central differential lock and limited slip differential , But it is equipped with air suspension , Therefore, the overall driving experience is very good .

About the price , The guided 68.88-83.88 Ten thousand yuan Audi Q7 At present, the terminal has 8.72 Ten thousand special offers , Minimum configuration model 60 You can start in your early years , The preferential price has saved a fit , It can be seen that the discount is great . in general , audi Q7 Your aura is in , Plus Audi's brand influence , So flower 60 Million to buy such a car , Personally, I think it's still very cost-effective for bosses , Worth of .

In the third paragraph , Range rover sport

The guided :90.80-183.80 Ten thousand yuan

Maximum margin of preference :22.78 Ten thousand yuan

Range Rover Sport is for most bosses , The attraction is still very big . In the city where we live , The probability of seeing Range Rover sports on the road is very high , This shows the popularity of this car . in addition , The Land Rover brand is also particularly popular with male users , And find out why , It also has a lot to do with its domineering and tough appearance , This is similar to the impression of Cadillac .

See Range Rover Sport , The latest model is in this year's 6 Month official listing , I don't need to say much about the appearance and interior upholstery , Everyone is familiar with . Power on , Range Rover Sport is equipped with a 3.0T and 5.0T The engine , The maximum power is respectively 360 horsepower 、400 Horsepower and 575 horsepower , The transmission is matched 8 Self - contained gearbox . Besides , The Range Rover Sport family is equipped with a full-time 4WD system , In addition, it is equipped with air suspension and central differential , So the off-road ability is very strong , Able to cope with some potholes and rotten roads , Therefore, it is also most loved by bosses engaged in Construction Engineering .

Last , Range Rover Sport is a truly million class luxury car , Its guiding price is 90.80-183.80 Ten thousand yuan , It's basically the bosses who can buy it . however , At present, the Range Rover Sport terminal has 22.78 Ten thousand special offers , The models with this discount are 2021 The of Range Rover Sport 5.0 SVR Racing group custom version . For those who want to buy Range Rover Sport , This version has more than 22 Ten thousand special offers , So we might as well give priority to and start .

Okay , The above is the recent big discount 3 A luxury brand, medium and large SUV, For Cadillac XT6、 audi Q7 And the benefits that Range Rover Sport currently has , What are your opinions and opinions ? Leave a message below , Let's exchange and discuss .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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